Breaking News!!!! Della Femina sells to Hillstone Restaurant Group!

In news that is going to have all of the Hamptons a buzz… Jerry Della Femina has allegedly sold his East Hampton restaurant to the Hillstone Restaurant Group. In case you don’t know the group it’s the company behind the hugely successful HOUSTON’S restaurant group. The company recently changed their name to Hillstone’s in the Manhattan locations. I’m not sure what the name will be here in the Hamptons, but I assure you the food will be awesome. I have long been a fan of Houston’s/Hillstone in the city. Their salads, their steaks, their everything is fresh, a great portion size and at a great price. If I were The Palm, I would be very nervous right now. This will be the biggest restaurant on the east end this summer…. MARK MY WORDS! Look for an opening in early to mid May!

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  1. It is true… East Hampton Grill will make its timely opening before high season begins. I'm thinking Hillstone will be an instant success if it maintains the quality and consistency of their other concepts. I know I can't wait to check it out!

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