Get off your duff and do something about all of this stuff!!!

I’m going to go through today’s blog and basically type a stream of consciousness here! I can’t believe it but in a land where people can spend almost $100 for lobster salad, Bentley’s abound and a million dollars barely buys you shack people are still going hungry in the Hamptons. No, this has nothing to do with a detox program, these are people who don’t have the money to buy food. It’s women, it’s men and it’s old people and it’s young people, it’s immigrants and bonackers here who are going hungry! IN THE HAMPTONS FOLKS!!! One of the their last resorts has long been the respective food banks. But unfortunately cuts in funding and the tough economy have caused the shelves to go bare. I know we get hit with tons of charities this time of year but it takes so little to drop a can or a buck in a food pantry box. One of my agents is a volunteer at the East Hampton food bank and she said things are not good. So come on people, here’s your chance to show the Hamptons aren’t as nasty as the line at Scoop Du Jour on 4th of July! We can do it!

So after you drop that food in the food pantry box…if you’re bored head over to the 23rd annual Color theme Christmas Party on December 4th at Blue Sky in Sag Harbor. Bring another can for the food bank there and a $20 bill to get in and make sure you wear something SILVER! Why Silver I have no idea. The party starts at 7pm and you get to hear the Lone Sharks play. They’re a band in case you didn’t know. It’s all for a good cause so get on it!!!

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