HUNTING FOR A HOUSE???? Great Apps for the Home Buyer… or Real Estate Junkie!

A few days ago , I got an e mail from another agent talking about a new i phone app someone in her family invented.   It was kind of like a Yelp or Foursquare for the Hamptons.   While I liked the app, I thought to myself why do I need a Hamptons Yelp when Yelp covers the Hamptons.   Hmmmmmm. So, that brings me to today’s blog.      I’m sharing with you some apps that anyone who is looking to buy or just window shop real estate should have.   Some are a little more complicated than others but once you get the hang of them, you’ll love them as much as I do.

HOUSE HUNTER PRO – Looking for a house is often a daunting endeavor!   Luckily your I phone can help make the process a little less stressful and HOUSE HUNTER PRO (for I phone) in the apps
store is a great tool.    The app helps you orgonize your notes,  pictures, features of the property and a mortgage calculator does the money thing for you too.    The app is $4 in the app store but since we’re good friends and you read Hamptons Chatter, for you it’s free!    The app is customizable and you only need to use the features you like.   So punch in code # 2412012 and get the app for free from me the only down side is my ugly mug comes up with my information when you open up.    If you don’t like my picture pay $4 and get a clean version.  But either way, try the app I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

MAGIC PLAN – So many buyers in the Hamptons come from NYC and they’re used to seeing floor plans.   So what do they do when the broker of the property doesn’t know measurements and doesn’t have a floor plan? (I and a hand full of others are the exception and do floor plans)   Well you take out your trusty I phone and start pointing and shooting.   Magic Plan will help you do floor plans for the individual room and the entire house.   It will also help you stay organized as you can make plans for a multiple of homes.    There are free versions as well as a more sophisticated ones that range in price up to $59.99.   Make whatever you do with Magic Plan, you play with the app before trying to use it on your house hunt.    You don’t want to look like a total moron in front of your agent!    Other wise, they’ll dump you and you’ll be looking for houses with that loser…… oh ask me in person, I’ll tell you who I’m talking about !  Here’s a little video of MAGIC PLAN I found online which explains the whole tamale!   DON’T FREAK THERE IS NO AUDIO!

There is also a similar app to this called PHOTO MEASURES but I’ve never tried it.  Friends of mine have and said it’s just as good as MAGIC PLAN.

Finally… my last app suggestion for your Hamptons House Hunters is…. drum roll please….

Property Evaluator

PROPERTY EVALUATOR – If your in the market for an investment property this app is a must have!!!  It allows you to input your purchase price, potential sales price, cost of improvements, the time you plan on carrying the mortgage and other various add ons and then turns out a sort of flip analysis.
Now, that is pretty frigging cool.   The app also has a mortgage calculator to help you also figure out your payments.     The cost is free for a basic version and goes up to $19.99.

Houzz-   This is a free app that’s kind of like PINTEREST meets INSTAGRAM.  Take a look at the largest database of home designs anywhere on the market.     It’s a really great tool for the buyer that’s contemplating just exactly what they can do to make that unrenovated 60’s split level stylish.   l

NEIGHBORHOOD SNOOP – This app is the cream on the cake.   Just activate your phones GPS options and let “Snoop” do the work.   The app actually scans Facebook postings, twitter mentions and postings, local town police records and to figure out if you’re going to like your neighbor or hate them!   The app grades potential neighbors on a “jerk” scale from 1-10.  If your neighbor is a 1 you’re a winner and that cup of sugar is on the way.  If the neighbor is a 10, then don’t buy the house!   If only this app really existed… sorry… yes I’m teasing you.   If it did exist I would have known my neighbor was an 8.5 before I bought my house!

Anyway, the film festival kicks off tonight.  I’m going to the opening party.  I’ll try to post some pics! Hopefully I’ll get my picture taken with somebody cool!  If you want more information on the film festival, check out their web site!

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