Time to take back the bills… 7 days left!
Well if you’re not still celebrating the big holiday…Cinco De Mayo… allow me to remind you that time is running out to appeal your property taxes!  Yes it’s in 7 days and the timer is ticking like Mona Lisa Vito’s biological clock.    So what to do?
Well there are plenty of services (just google) who do not charge up front, but rather take a percentage of what they save as a fee. For do-it-yourselfers, you can get information from the various town websites about how to determine if your assessment is fair.
One thing most of these websites suggest is to get an evaluation form a
professional appraiser.   If you need a suggestion about where to find one, try calling your real estate agent or ask a friend.
Don’t deny you want to try this!
Meanwhile, if you save some money by appealing what about
buying one of the must haves for this upcoming summer season.
Pool climbing wall.. yeah you want one!
No, it’s not a new Ferrari or even a fancy new mood ring!  It’s a climbing wall for your pool!!!  Yes, since slides and diving boards are now passé among pool owners and the cause of so many injuries and higher insurance there has to be something else to add to make more waves in the neighborhood.  All I can say is look at these pictures and tell me you don’t want one! LIAR!  Of course you want one.  Well these are from a company called Kerplash and they start at about $8000. But what better way to get over your fear of water and heights than to climb one of these suckers!!!   If you want more information you can check out their information HERE!

Yes, a quick but informative chatter today.  See you all hopefully on Wednesday!

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