Is it over already??!

Well Labor Day is this Monday but already things are feeling a little quieter on the east end. There are actually parking spaces available in the villages and you can actually have a cell phone call go through on a first attempt. The Hampton Classic has come and gone… the chalets are empty… oh wait they were empty during the show as well!!! Welcome to 2009!

Anyway, there are still some warm great activities you can get in before the weather changes. One of the best is the Twilight Wine Tastings at Wolffer Vineyard in Sagaponack. Every Thursday from 5 to 7:30 pm there’s live music and the wine is sold by the glass with complimentary cheeses. It’s really a great little event and a fun place to hang before dinner. The music changes every two or three weeks but the wines are the same!!! I will also say, the music gets better with every glass!!! There are no reservations needed and there’s no cover charge! See, there are some free things out there. Wolffer Vineyard is located at 139 Sagg Rd. , Sagaponack. 631-537-5106 x25.

Speaking of wine… but having nothing to do with the Hamptons. I’m now officially a fan of The Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. I use to hate Kathie Lee when she was on with Regis. But what a difference a few years and two grown children make. She doesn’t take herself too seriously and frequently spends her hour counting the hours down to her first chardonnay of the day!!! Who would have thought that little miss chipper was a lush… and we would love her for it!!! Kathie Lee and Hoda are now officially TIVO worthy!

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