The Lodge is undone… and East Hampton is going downtown!!!!

Hot off the presses… According to sources a deal was struck on the restaurant known as The Lodge… formerly known as Leif Hope’s… formerly known as the Laundry. Apparently city restaurateur Jay Plumeri struck a deal for the lucky location and the his new eatery will be opening sometime before the summer. Plumeri who owned Jonez… now 41 Greenwich downtown will be bringing chic to the Hamptons. Plumeri hasn’t purchased the building but rather the lease… and according to my sources, he’s going to do some minor renovations. The deal was inked yesterday… more details to follow.

But don’t panic locals and low key lovers… owner Michael Gluckman will be setting up camp at the old Bostwicks on Three Mile Harbor road this summer. Let’s hope he continues the Saturday Soiree’s there. Sunset cocktails anyone?

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