Noise pollution will hit a new high in the Hamptons! Mistuh Sheffieeeeeld!!! Plus, playboy bunnies at the Beachhouse?!!

This Sunday, comedienne and actress Fran Dresher will be screeching in East Hampton for a good cause. The Father’s Day Family Fun event will benefit Fran’s cancer prevention organization, Cancer Schmancer, while also celebrating her new TV show and Cancer Schmancer’s WE THE FUTURE youth program. Featuring live music, food, viewing of the US Open, video games, a castle bounce and many more fun activities for both parents and children, this event offers the perfect outlet for Father’s Day fun. Tickets can be purchased on their website! The event will be honoring local businessman and Enclave Inn owner Michael Wudyka as “Father of the Year.”

Also this weekend the Beachhouse (how do I spell this anyway) will be launching their Saturday Tea Dance. You know I’ve been talking a lot about the Beachhouse because it’s close to my house and it’s a great space. I know the gang over there have been negotiating with DJ Lady Bunny to host the event. Yes, the same DJ Bunny who hosted my friends Bill and Sue’s wedding where his Palm Beach Mother remarked “that woman is wearing too much make up.” I JUST FOUND OUT SHE WON’T BE THERE THIS WEEKEND… BUT WHO KNOWS ABOUT NEXT.  Featuring drink specials and I think a custom bar menu it should be a blast. So what’s the space like? I went over there the other day and spoke to manager Rory Boothby and videotaped a quick tour. I’m still learning how to do this editing thing but take a look and tell me what you think!?

BY THE WAY TEA DANCE STARTS AT 4PM No, not about my editing about the space. You’re a critical bunch.

Quote of the week. A friend of mine had a customer who asked about a property on Mulford Lane in Amagansett. When his customers asked about the neighborhood he quickly responded “go to google earth and zoom in real close. You see the roof in the middle of the water, someone bought that as a waterfront a few years ago.” They have an appointment to see the house on Saturday. Now that’s a waterfront!!!

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