Who would have thought that one week we’d be wearing parkas and the next in shorts and prepping for the fourth of July!   That being said, we all know this holiday week is the beginning of Carmageddon in the Hamptons.     Traffic is everywhere and the lines will be looooonnnnnng for the next few days.     But as some of you may or may not know,  there are short cuts to avoiding the crowds.     Here are a few of my personal faves to staying sane when the Hamptons go crazy.

Skip the aggravation at the supermarket and go online for all your grocery shopping.


King Kullen in Bridgehampton has a great online site and then they’ll deliver to your house for a minimal charge if the order is over $50.   The first delivery is free if you use the code “firstdelivery” at check out.     If the delivery thing doesn’t work for you, you can also go online and then pick it up!   Just go the website click on the link and go to town.   Orders can be placed up to a week in advance or as little as four hours.    How cool is that?!   If you’ve ever been to “Stop and Shop” in East Hampton (or as I call it “STOP, WAIT, WAIT, SHOP”) or the mosh pit known at Citarella, you know this is a great option.

If cooking isn’t your thing and you want to just hang at home there are finally a few options that will help you with restaurant deliveries.    Starting last week, UBER EATS started servicing the Hamptons with a limited but decent number of restaurant options.  Some of the participating venues include Highway Restaurant, Grindstone Coffee and Donuts and Yama Q Asian Fusion.   Delivery time seems to be about 30-40 minutes so not bad when you consider traffic on 27 plus parking.

Another option is 123delivery.net!    A great site (AND APP) that offers a little bit more than UberEats in that it’s also a concierge service.     The service will fetch just about anything from any restaurant, store or other business on the East End.   Started by


Montauk native Mark Ripolone the service started last summer and operates even in the winter.   Some of the participating businesses include Rowdy Hall, Cilantro Mexican, LT Burger and Dopo La Spiaggia.    Estimated costs for the delivery range from about $6 to $10 depending on how far the drivers have to travel.


So with more people in the Hamptons there’s another issue besides the traffics and the crowds…  THE TRASH!    Yesterday, I took my every other day stroll on Georgica Beach with Bella and Russell.   Normally I focus pretty much on picking up poop but lately I’ve started picking up more.   The amount of balloons, plastic bottles and cups lying on our beaches and killing our marine life is astounding.      My friend Michael (pictured) who is much more versed in the dangers of this stuff to our environment encouraged me to just pick up a few things.

From a 20 minute walk,  we picked up a small garbage pail of debris.   So, here is my challenge to everyone.    If you can pick up one or two items when you stroll on the beach and make a difference.   Don’t walk on by… I know it sounds preachy but it’s really no big deal and it will make a world of difference.    Especially those folks who live on Lily Pond and stroll right by this stuff every morning!

Happy July 4th WEEK EVERYONE!



I feel it!  Spring has finally arrived on the east end.   How do I know?  Because Round Swamp Farm has reopened.  YES!   Now, I no longer have to drive by longing and

round swamp
Elastic waistbands optional… ROUND SWAMP FARM!

slobbering in vain for my Mexican Layer Dip,  Sour Cream Coffee Cake or Brussels Sprout Caesar Salad or cinnamon rolls or guacamole or Lisa’s Oatmeal Raisin cookies or Claire’s Lemon Pound Cake or BBQ chicken or … no, I must stop.  Lucky for us they don’t publish the calorie counts on anything they make!

Another sign of spring is the Roses are in bloom!   By the way,  I’m not talking about the flowers I’m talking about Wolffer’s Summer in a Bottle.     After a shortage last year when supplies went dry at the end of July, production has been upped and everyone will be able to enjoy their Rose for breakfast throughout the summer!    The colorful


bottle which is a work of art itself hasn’t changed since last year but it is a new vintage.  In case you’ve been out of the loop, Summer in a Bottle retails for about $25 and is available at Wolffer Estate Vineyard or virtually every spirit shop in the Hamptons.        Remember, life may be a cabernet but rose is better!




It started with a spark and became a night of blazing suspense!    Lulu in Sag Harbor which was the site of a fire last month will reopen it’s doors today at 6pm!   In case you

Lulu Kitchen Sag Harbor is back in action!


missed it, the fire started in a small storage closet on the 81st floor and jeopardized party goers on the top floor “Promenade Room.”    But thanks to the quick thinking fire chief O’Halloran and the architect Doug Roberts who evacuated the party goers by rigging the scenic elevator, a breeches buoy and finally by exploding water tanks on the roof lives were saved!   Wait, err… that was the Towering Inferno!    Ok, after a kitchen fire and repair for some smoke damage, Lulu in Sag Harbor will be open once again to diners starting tonight at 6pm.

I like the Towering Inferno version better.



After floating gossip it seems, Bagel Buoy in Sag Harbor is no longer sunk.
The Village staple shuttered it’s doors or rather the lox were changed earlier this week.  A “notice of closure” was posted on the door and that had lips flapping all over town.

Bobba Bye Buoy!?

While I am not a huge fan of Bagel Buoy and the surly staff it’s always sad to see this sort of thing happen.   Rumor has it a deal is in the works to bring Goldberg’s Bagels to the Bay Street location.   If you take a look at what they’ve done with the nightmare that was “Twice Upon a Bagel” in Wainscott, we can all rest easy knowing we’ll still have a good place to nosh!   But the story isn’t over yet, apparently the buoy was bobbing with business earlier today.   So grab your popcorn this battle of the bagels has apparently just begun.

Meanwhile, the site of the former “Service Station” (loved the salads and sandwiches) has reopened as the Quiet Clam 2.0 earlier this week.

Have you ever met a noisy clam?

While I haven’t been in yet, my spies say it’s actually worth a visit. The menu is a throw back to when the establishment was “The Quiet Clam” before it was “Nichol’s” back in the last century. Yes, they have clams on the menu along with burgers, pizzas and more. I promise I’ll have more to come. But from what I’ve been hearing on social media the place will be getting a thumbs up.

UPDATE:   I went in and it was “meh.”  Right now there is no liquor license so it’s BYOB.   The lunch menu was limited and there were NO clams but the dinner version seems a bit more promising.   I’ll have to go back when they get their act together.

Finally, in case you missed it EMP House reservations went on lin

dorito taco2
$95 and NO Doritos bag!?

e earlier this week via an American Express website. Well if you snooze you lose and I apparently snoozed. After going live at 9am, by noon the only slots left available were at 5 pm or 10 pm. While this might not pose a problem if you’re 25 or 85 years old, the rest of us younger side of middle age folks (no comments from the peanut gallery) are S.O.L. While there still be walk-ins available for the picnic tables in the back, my attention is more focused on something called the “Taco Experience” for $95 – $125 per person. I’m just hoping that tequila is included with that number!  Hahahahhahhhahhaahhhhahah. I know it’s the Hamptons!