Southampton permits are now on Sale… and a peek at some of those MILLION DOLLAR HAMPTONS RENTALS!

Get cha’ permits!

REMINDER OF THE DAY!  Southampton Village beach permits are now on sale!!  The cost is free for residents, $350 for non residents and $250 for “local non-residents.”   What you need;  a valid registration for your car and for locals a copy of your tax bill or lease with 2 utility bills.   This will allow you access to park at Coopers Beach, Cryder Lane, Dune Beach (village residents only), Fowler, Gin Lane, Halsey Neck, Roads G and D, Old Town, Wyandanch and Little Plaines Lane.   If you want complete information I suggest you go to the town website.    I’m also including a bonus link to the TOWN of Southampton permit information page!   Oh summer is in the air!

Art is apparently a very good business.   In the latest recorded transfers,

Artist and real estate investor Fischl

artist Eric Fischl has apparently purchased not one, not two, not three but five properties in North Haven.   The properties located in over the river and through the woods total a little over 3 million dollars.   While I have no idea what Fischl and his wife fellow artist April Gornick will be doing with the property located off Ferry Road, I’m dying to know.  If you have any clue fill me in!  Two two have been residents of Sag Harbor for years and both have matching studios here in the Hamptons.

Well It’s May 1st and that means Memorial Day is right around the corner.   In many parts of the country the calendar is marked by the return of various migratory animals.  Here in the Hamptons it’s marked by the migration of the summer renters! In case you didn’t know, the standard rental period for the Hamptons is Memorial Day to Labor Day.  It’s also the time when all of the “masters of the universe” and “glitterati” of tv and film come to rest their weary heads.     Well if you’ve ever wondered how celebrities like Mariah Carey, Beyonce and others live when they’re hanging with Martha, Howard and Puffy… wonder no longer.   I’ve dug deep and come up with some of my favorite MILLION DOLLAR* HAMPTON RENTALS!*or rentals that can at least be priced in terms of millions, i.e. 1/4 of a million, 1/2 million, 8/10ths of a million!


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