Advice for city folk buying in the Hamptons. Plus, the cheesiest prix fixe meal on the East End!

Now that it’s summer, agents and brokers in the Hamptons are being inundated with folks who are being charmed by our little slice of heaven and want to buy before interest rates go too much higher.    Since most of our buyers are coming here from the city, much of our time is being spent educating them to the differences between, co-ops, condos and owning a home.     One of my bits of advice for those buying in the Hamptons is to use a local attorney.    It’s very different out here.   In fact, I’ve had deals with city attorneys (not all) who really were at a loss for how things get done.   Recently I sat down with Bridgehampton attorney Adam Miller who has also experienced doing deals on both sides of the East River.    Take a look…

While I’m excited for the summer, I get the feeling there are some Hamptons establishments that just don’t want my business anymore.  While I can’t consider myself a local ( I was born in NJ and I have a heart felt appreciation for Superfund sites) I am definitely a year rounder.   That means I’ve been here for more than 5 years and yes this is my primary residence.   I’m here on Tuesday nights in January.     You know the time of year and kind of night when if there are more than 5 tables at a restaurant, it’s a busy night.    It’s a time when we all get along!

One of the things the local restaurants offer to get us out of the house as opposed to doing binge viewing on Netflix is to offer a nice reduced price menu when things are a little slower.     In the winter, this keeps waiters busy and cob webs off the chairs by offering good meals at a reasonable price.   I know it’s the Hamptons, the season is short and the rents are high.   I get it, I really do.   So I’m never going to pay TGIFriday’s prices anywhere on the east end at any time of year.    But when you offer a prix fixe please don’t insult us by giving us a dish that even Kate Moss would say is a joke!
Case in point the photo here!!   This meal was $35 dollars and included a small Caesar salad, this dish and a small desert.     Yes that is an actual full portion of chicken next to my fork with 2.. yes two whole roasted new potatoes.   It looks like a french cut throw away from a Swanson’s TV dinner.   Now,  I’m not going to say the restaurant name, you can figure it out.    The choices out here are limited and I’m afraid to burn a bridge.   I only wished they liked me as much as I like them!