Bay Street Theater in Sag Harbor has announced the three productions planned for the 2018 Summer Season. The first will be the World Premiere of FELLOW TRAVELERS, (May 29 – June 17), a new play that examines the relationship between legendary theater artists Arthur Miller and Elia Kazan and their close relationship to Marilyn Monroe.  The show examines how the politics of the McCarthy era affected the friendship between the two and their work.

The second will be FROST/NIXON (June 26 – July 22), by Peter Morgan. The third production is the musical EVITA, (July 31 – August 26) by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice.    I have to say,  I love the selection and given the current political climate right now these plays couldn’t be more relevant.    I think I’ve seen Evita more than any other Broadway show, Lupone, Rogers and others.    One of my favorite numbers is “A New Argentina” which is the end of the first act.    If you’ve only seen the movie, take a minute and watch this highlight from the 1980 Tony Awards with Patti Lupone as Eva Peron.


It’s a great piece of theatre which I think was overly modulated and homogenized for the movie.    So homogenized in fact I still refer to the cheesy celluloid version as “Velveeta.”

Yeah, I know the window is dirty.  What’s your point?

Now from the don’t say I didn’t tell you department!   East Hampton Village Beach passes for the Summer of ’18 are almost gone!   According to agents at village hall only about 200 of the 3100 permits still remain.  If you can’t make it out here you can go online andtake your chances and mail in your application.   Click here for the details.    Just remember if you don’t have a pass some select beaches will be selling daily passes, so you won’t be totally out of luck.   But here is a better idea, you can get a bike and pedal there AND save about $40 by skipping the SoulCycle class.   But what fun would that be?  Nobody will get to see how good you look in your new Lululemon outfit!



Friday Funny on Saturday…. Commedian Steve Rannazzisi brings “Manchild” to Bay Street Theatre.

We here at “The Chatter” like a good laugh every now and then, especially during the busy summer months.   So when we aren’t busy reading the Yelp reviews for Harlow in Sag Harbor, we are on the  look out for anything to help us forget the 5 hours we spent grid locked on Route 27.     Well, let me tell you, I have cure for those summer time blues and it comes in the form of comedian Steve Rannazzisi who will be presenting “Manchild” this Monday night June 30th at Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor at 8pm.    If the face looks familiar it could be you recognize him from films like “For Your Consideration,” Comedy Central specials or his starring role on the FX series “THE LEAGUE.”

A native of Smithtown, Long Island Rannazzisi is no stranger to the Hamptons and is aware of our current Kardashian Krisis. “They’re ruining the planet earth!   Has anyone called Billy Joel, maybe he can do a commercial to help?”   Taking inspiration for his stand up from everyday observations, he describes his comedy as more “R rated and a little less PG.”   Having been discovered on stage by Ashton Kutcher, his salty humor was put to years in his participation on the MTV show “Punk’d.”    A sort of edgy “Candid Camera,” where celebrities are often the targets.  One of his favorites involved him being the tow truck driver who takes actor Tracy Morgan’s car from valet to flatbed.  “It was hysterical, I told him I had to take it to Barstow which is a couple hours away.  When we revealed the gag, Tracy went crazy laughing he was such a good sport about it.”

While he preps for the sixth season of “The League,” Rannazzisi is taking some time to return to the comedy stage.  “It’s the greatest experience to perform in front of people.   While I love doing the TV show, working with some great people… nothing is more fun than when a live audience is right in front of you.”    As you can see from the clip below he’s definitely comfortable on the stage and after you watch, I’m sure you’ll want to buy tickets here (click here) for his performance this Monday night!   See you there!

Avoid the Soulpsychos …. Plus, the Latest Threat to Property Values!

While we still lament the departure of Tiffany a few weeks ago. We (royal) are taking solace in the fact that there is actually something cool that took its place.   I mean, it could have been a Kardashian pop-up or worse yet another real estate office!  But alas, that’s not what we got! Instead we have something to make the Hamptons a little more civilized on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the season, Peloton!   OK, what exactly is Peloton?   It’s the cure for the overly aggressive Lululemon wearing…. Range Rover driving… Vitamin water drinking…. Soul Psychos!   Rather than jockeying online to reserve a spot at an overly crowded spin class, you can instead buy one of Peloton’s bikes for about $2000, pay a small monthly membership and join in via-video for one of a dozen or so classes a day live from New York City!    The bikes come with a video screen where you monitor the class and have your stats sent back to the studio, so don’t try reading the paper while you pedal.    They’ll know if your sweating or riding like your grandmother!   I took a look at one of the bikes at the store on Main Street East Hampton and this stuff is cool! But don’t worry, if you’re Internet is slow… thank you Optimum…. you can download and store classes on the monitor’s hard drive!     If you’re curious, take a look at this video.    I know I want one of these!  Here’s the link!
Could this be bad for owners of historical homes!

Meanwhile, if your’e fit, you’ll be living longer and if you’re living longer you can protect your property values!  SAYYYYYYY WHAT???!   I kid you not!    As if the real estate market weren’t confusing enough, between potentially rising interest rates and an unpredictable market now you have to worry if someone has died in your home!   OMG!  I can hear it now  “Mrs. Freeling, while my clients love Cuesta Verde, this house is not clear… and my buyers want to offer you 25% off of your asking price!” Now, I don’t know about you but I’m not sure I buy the whole ghost thing.  I’ve only seen one in my life and that was after taking an ambien with a margarita!    If you think I’m joking, check out the website DiedinHouse.com!    I know it’s a very catchy name, right?  Its kind of like listing your home on overpricedgarbageforsalebyowner.com!

Finally, some new restaurant reports coming later in the week!   Plus…. go see Conviction at Bay Street Theater!   Some of the best performances of any show on any stage anywhere!


TRENDS: Mushroom for Improvement…. Personal Chefs Not Just for the Uber Wealthy!

As a child of Lithuanian, Scotch, Irish heritage the idea of a good home cooked meal was as mysterious as the pyramids.   My mother much to her credit worked as a real estate agent in the 70’s (in my view a pioneer back then) and would come home throw a steak on the grill and kill it ten times over!   I would dream, hope and pray that she would get stuck working late and instead opt to buy me a Swanson or Libby Land TV Dinner. (see below if you don’t remember).   Ahhh the simple life…  where the only other option was perhaps dining out (Perkins Pancakes was a favorite) at a local restaurant.     The idea of actually having someone else come to our house to cook was something far out of consideration and reserved for people like the Carringtons or the Ewings!    But the times they are a changing’!


A cheaper alternative but less results!

Something I’ve noticed in the past few years among renters, friends and associates is the growing request for personal chefs.    One client who doesn’t want their name mentioned specifically cited the difficulty in not only getting reservations on a summer weekend but the simple fact that getting from home to wherever is more difficult than sitting through Russell Crowe’s performance as Noah!   OK, they didn’t make the Noah reference but they did say it’s a pain in the butt to drive in town.

Also, with more diners having to adhere to diet restrictions due to such things as food allergies or even vegetarian guidelines, hiring a personal chef certainly makes it easier.    One personal chef I spoke with said while he’s “not exactly sure if the average Joe is hiring them just yet,” people who a few years ago wouldn’t normally have thought of hiring a personal chef are jumping the bandwagon.
While prices vary, one chef I spoke to Dominic Ohrlich who was trained at Culinary Institute in Hyde Park said it varies for the occasion but average costs are about $500 to $800 a day.    While not exactly chump change, it would probably cost you the same to go to dinner with friends and get a muffin at Round Swamp Farm.   If you’re curious, you can visit Dominic’s site at www.privatechefforhire.com!

Meanwhile, if you’re bored this weekend (the weather is supposed to be lousy) you might want to consider heading over to Bay Street Theatre where Conviction is having it’s world premiere.    According the to the blurb,  it’s a delicately balance, beautifully nuanced family drama that digs deep
beneath the surface of a happy suburban existence.      The show stars American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson who I thought stole the movie “Down with Love.”   If you want more information or tickets visit Bay Street’s website here!    I haven’t seen it yet but from what I hear it’s one of the theater’s best productions in years!