Barking News!!! It’s a doggone good time in the Hamptons!!

Today show reporter Jill Rappaport & friend

I have some “barking news” here!   Two of my favorite Hamptons organizations are getting together in what sounds like a doggone good time!  Bay Street Theatre is partnering with ARF (Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons for  the “Travels with Charley” Dog Walk on Saturday, May 4th at 8:30 am!   Today show host and dog advocate Jill Rappaport will be there as host.   The walk will start at Haven’s Beach in Sag Harbor and finish at Bay Street Theatre.   There will be a “Bagels and Bones” reception immediately after the walk.  I’ll be there because Bella and Russell love bagels!
The walk is obviously a fundraiser that will  cover 5k or a little over 3 miles with a $25 entrance fee.  There will also be a GRAND PRIZE to the person who raises the most money!  Now, just know I will website and ARF’s website.
be the one who raises the most.  YOU GOT A BONE TO PICK WITH THAT?!   If your interested in hanging with Bella, Russell, Jill Rappaport and me you can get more info from Bay Street theatre on their website.
Now it’s a good time to paws and get the latest news on Hamptons real estate as Douglas Elliman released it’s latest “Elliman Report: Hamptons Sales 1Q 2013.”   As you’ve been hearing the market has been brisk the past few months and the new market report confirms it.    2013 started at a rapid pace tail end of the year.   If you want more details you can download a copy of the report from Douglas Elliman.

Finally, some have a bone to pick with the Hamptons and the fact it’s just gotten too darn expensive out here!  Recently I had a chance to sit down with my friend author Stephen Gaines and LTV host and Southampton Press editor Dawn Watson about the state of the Hamptons economy.  Take a look and in the meantime, I’ll stop hounding you with my horrible puns!


The hole truth on Bridgehampton Dunkin’??? Plus, why the Hamptons will enjoy a few more laughs this summer!

If you’ve been by the Bridgehampton commons say any time in the past year you probably saw the sight that the old Sneakerology (a great store now in East Hampton next to London jewelers) would soon become a Dunkin’ Donuts.  Well I’m tired of having to buy Keurig Donut Shop Coffee instead of the real thing!   Yes I love Dunkin’s coffee!  And YES, there’s one in Southampton but have you ever tried to get in and out of that parking lot!!?!?  Also, what is easier and cheaper to serve for desert at a dinner party than Munchkins!?  Oh, don’t be such a snob, you know you’ll happily pay a small fortune for the same stupid Munchkins at David Burke Kitchen downtown.  Anyway, if finally looks like that long faded sign wasn’t lying.  Southampton Town recently issued a building permit to convert the space to a real live Dunkin Donuts.  So attention all short fat men with dark mustaches, get your applications ready it’s time to make the donuts!In other stuff…. Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor has announced their schedule for the upcoming 2013 season.  Last year there was some talk that the theatre might be moving to a new location.   Well, I can tell you that Executive Director Tracy Mitchell has assured me they’re staying put for at least a few years.  Whew!   Not only that, they have some great upcoming events and more! So if you’re interested in what’s going on… See it below!

If you’re baking in the city… something cool to do… although I’m not talking temperature!

I just found this site which lists what movies are filming where in the city. Plus it also tells you about movie premieres, who will be there and when. This is for the true celebrity stalkers. It’s called “On Location Vacations” Anyway, for the stalkers, here’s the shortened link:

Meanwhile speaking of cool things. Some pics here from the Bay Street Theatre “Rock the Dock” and Hamptons Magazine’s annual CLAMBAKE! Included in the pics, Star Jones, Troy Roberts, Richard Kind, Mario Cantone, The Countess from Real Housewives, Richard and Sheila Kudlack, Mark Nelson, Anthony Rosina, Rob Rich, Laura Scott and Janine Dicenzo.

Just imagine Edward Everett Horton announcing; Friday Night Food Fever or Might I Munch at Midnight???

Yeah, Yeah, I know traffic sucked you didn’t have time to stop for dinner and you’re pulling into Southampton and you’re really really hungry. What to do?! Well, you can stop at BK or Mickey D’s but you’ll regret it later. Here’s my quick guide to what’s open til when along 27!

Roberts in Water Mill open til 10 pm. I love this place. My favorite dish is the Free-Range Organic” Chicken w/ Fresh Herbs & Gorgonzola Polenta for $32.00! A little more formal than Chef Robert Durkin’s Paradise in Sag Harbor with a warm in intimate atmosphere.

Almond is more casual and on Friday night is a little congested. If you’re comfortable in a Chelsea restaurant on Saturday night then you’ll be find here. Almond is open til Midnight on Fridays. My favorite thing on the menu is the Roast’s a classic! Yes, I order chicken most of the time! And as if nobody knew this… a single gal will meet plenty of single guys there but they’ll be better suited for a partner in “Name that Showtune” than partner in courtship. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

If you want something a little more casual, there’s Bobby Van’s and World Pie in Bridgehampton. Both are open til Midnight and have great bar tenders. So what do you eat at World Pie? Try the Escargo! NOT! It’s the pizza… Duh! As for Bobby Van’s, I suggest the Asian Chicken Salad! Now let’s keep driving down 27….

Ok, I’m getting tired of writing this so here is the rest of 27
Town Line BBQ – 11 pm – the best onion rings!
The Palm – 10:30 or 11ish.. depending
Rowdy Hall – 11pm

But wait… if you’re coming out REAALLY REALLY REALLY LATE… the new and IMPROVED GULF Station in Bridgehampton is my new favorite… hey it’s not BP right?! It has a wide selection of delicacies ranging  are these nut free???? from microwavable burritos to those rotating hot dogs! A big minus in the staffing department. I got a nasty attitude when I asked them about the house specialty. They also couldn’t answer if the premade sandwiches were OK for someone with a nut allergy. I’m sorry, I don’t always carry an Epi pen and need to be cautious with my car passengers!! Overall I give it a C.

3 quick benefits to tell you about! ANN LIGUORI FOUNDATION OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE DINNER DANCE AT DUCK WALK VINEYARDS, WATER MILL. Benefiting American Cancer Society and Healthy Children. The food is provided by OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE (Why they never opened in Southampton is still a mystery to me) Saturday 6:30-11:00 PM. DUCK WALK VINEYARDS. WATER MILL. (917)488-1412

also Saturday ROCK THE DOCK FOR BAY STREET! AT THE SUMMER GALA BENEFIT BASH at 6:30 PM. Joy Behar of The View and Mario Cantone of Sex and the City 2 are the hosts… I have my earplugs ready! It will be held at the Long Wharf in Sag Harbor. Cocktails, Hors d’oeuvres, Sit-down Dinner, Dancing, Silent Auction or 631.725.0818 for info.


FRIDAY JULY 16, 2010
Hamptons Social Series At Lily Pond Benefiting The Help for Orphans International. Jill Zarin and R.Couri Hay invite you to the third installment of the Hamptons Social Series at Lily Pond to honor the Help for Orphans International on Friday, July 16th. Doors open at 9 p.m. with cocktails followed by a light buffet supper by Philippe at Lily Pond’s new garden patio and a portion of the proceeds from every check will go to Help for Orphans International . For reservations or visit Lily Pond, 44 Three Mile Harbor, East Hampton.

ANN LIGUORI FOUNDATION OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE DINNER DANCE AT DUCK WALK VINEYARDS, WATER MILL. Benefiting American Cancer Society and Healthy Children, Healthy Futures Romantic weekends away, local and worldwide golf course giveaways, Judith Ripka jewlery, and various sports memorabilia are some of the fabulous items up for auction at this event. It is a great opportunity to get amazing prizes and help a great cause. 6:30-11:00 PM. DUCK WALK VINEYARDS. WATER MILL. (917)488-1412

ROCK THE DOCK FOR BAY STREET! AT THE SUMMER GALA BENEFIT BASH at 6:30 PM. w/ HOSTS: Joy Behar of The View & Headline News & Mario Cantone of Sex and the City. The Long Wharf in Sag Harbor. Cocktails, Hors d’oeuvres, Sit-down Dinner, Dancing, Silent Auction & Live Music by DJ Tom Finn (“The King of Spin” – Avenue Magazine) and Escola de Samba BOOM! or 631.725.0818 for info.

2nd Annual MARTININS FOR MUTTS! Sat 5 to 8 pm. Cocktails, entertainment, Raffle, Silent Auction at 214 Toppings Path in Sagaponack. A $40 minimum donation in advance or $50 AT the door. RSVP to or visit for more info.