We’re not in Bridgehampton anymore!!!

Just checking in for a flight out of the country. I got here way early due to the heightened security alert due to a certain incident that happend in Detroit. Well there I was wandering past the Wok and Roll and the Del Taco when low and behold I see it’s “Bobby Van’s.” Yes, the watering hole and hangout for AA dropouts from all over the Hamptons. It’s an abbreviated menu but the food is pretty good. It’s located in the American Airlines terminal. Notice the dark wood interior… much different than the Sabarro pizza in Islip Airport. Consider it your last taste of the Hamptons before that out of town flight

The Hamptons get a topless bar!!!

Did I say topless? I meant tapas.. sorry. The old Allison on School Street just got a make over with a latin flair. COPA is the newest restaurant to enter into the Hamptons food derby.

I managed to make it in there last Friday night. The bar crowd was a bit Bobby Van’s-ish, which means lots of botox and overpriced watches but it was pretty hopping. The layout of the restaurant was impressive, a center zinc topped bar surrounded by dining. I had the meatballs, fried zucchini fritters with dill yogurt sauce, salmon satay, tomato flat bread and a greek salad. The food was amazing and the service was terrific too. THIS, ON THE SECOND NIGHT OF BUSINESS IS A HUGE ACHIEVEMENT. The price was about $50-60 per person including drinks. While this might seem pricey considering the small plates but I walked away full and this is the Hamptons.

Copa is located 95 School Street, Bridgehampton. I don’t know if they take reservations but it can’t hurt to call… 631 613-6469

The only negative comment I have!? They may have a hard time explaining the menu to some of the clueless. Walking out of the restaurant a patron remarked to me, “it was terrific but it got annoying having to order all of those little dishes.” TRUE COMMENT!

Finally a warning for anyone going to the 7-11 in Southampton… the coffee is more expensive than you think!!! On the way back from a recent expedition into the city I decided to stop by and get a cup of coffee. As I reached into my pocket to get a couple bucks, I dropped a $10 bill on the floor. Ask anyone who knows me, I always crumple up my money and have been known to lay it around the office or house like a trail of breadcrumbs out of the woods. Anyway, as I went to reach for the money, the manager reached down and grabbed the bill. Did he hand it to me?!?! NO! I said to him, I dropped that just now! He remarked, “no you didn’t… that’s been there for a long time.” Yeah, 10 dollars was sitting on the floor of 7-11 for more than 20 seconds unclaimed. True story!!!