Sothfork Kitchen is open and it was worth the wait!

So after months of false starts and opening dates that have come and gone, Southfork Kitchen in Bridgehampton is finally open. The big question is now, was it worth the wait?! The answer is a definitive yes. Southfork Kitchen is billed as a sustainable “farm-to-table” restaurant with seafood and local produce, and boasting it’s very own on-site gardens.

Chef Joe Isidori has has created a menu that is both innovative and delicious. Some of the featured appetizers on the menu include 8 o’clock Ranch Pork Belly with breakfast radish, sea salt and Yazu, Southfork Kitchen Clam Chowder with soy cured bacon and vegtables and a amazing Garden salad with homemade buttermilk dressing and ewe’s blue cheese.

Entrees include Icelandic Artic Char with white organic miso and tonato fondue, Milowski Farm Hertiage Turkey Saltimbocca with egg, orgainic spinach and guanciale. I’m not a food writer here so I’m just copying what the menu says. So don’t ask me what guacnciale is!? I actually ordered the Chicken… yes, chicken.. but I have to say it was really quite good. Ok, I’ll be more adventurous next time.

The wines were local as well featuring Channing Daughters and Wolffer vineyards for example. All in all it was a great evening, with a few little kinks in the service but it IS A NEW PLACE! Owner and blogger Bruce Buschel has created a warm and friendly enviornment where his greetings of many of the diners will no doubt make Southfork Kitchen the hardest reservation in the summer of ‘011! Wow, I was nice… no complaints.. but I have to say SFK earned it. Good luck guys!

Southfork Kitchen is open at 203 Sag Harbor Turnpike, Bridgehampton, NY 11932

Call (631) 537-4700 for hours.

More Hamptons business obituaries and Water Mill’s new sweet spot!

So, if you read the blog recently you know that Citarella Water Mill is gone, Saks Fifth Avenue in Southampton is gone and one of my favorites Tutto Italiano shuttered up last week with no notice leaving some residents and a dozen employees miffed and angry. Read more here: Well now you can add Ziggy’s in Bridgehampton to the list. The restaurant which catered to families and served a pretty good burger (hello maybe they could sell the recipe to Bay Burger) is becoming something called “M&E CONTEMPORARY TAPAS”. I don’t know who is running this or doing it but let me just say, does the Hamptons really need a SECOND tapas place?! I like Copa on School St. in Bridgehampton. In fact, I ate there last night and the flat bread pizza with chicken was over the top great! I have no idea who is opening the new place M&E but once I get the dope, I’ll write asap! I don’t have anything against tapas but there are a million other cuisines out there that we could use out east. My biggest beef is a decent Mexican!

Meanwhile, NY TIMES blogger Bruce Buchel has finally opened his long awaited Southfork Kitchen on the Bridge-Sag Turnpike in Bridgehampton. According to the blogger, the first night went off without a hitch or any major catastrophes. Meanwhile, I heard via a friend of a friend that the food was worth the wait. No comments about the service though. Really… they didn’t mention the service. It could have been great! Who knows!?

Finally, something we do need in the Hamptons… CUPCAKES! Enough about Magnolia, Cupcake Cafe and Crumbs we now have THE WATERMILL CUPCAKE COMPANY. Run by two cousins from the city Ruth Balletta and her cousin Cindy have brought a welcome confection to the East End! Located at the Blockbuster/former Citarella/Muse shopping center in Water Mill the girls have baked up some great stuff. My personal favorite was the “red velvet” which are the real McCoy with dark coco and not just food coloring. The cakes were fresh and buttery and the brokers at my recent open house where I dispensed these cakes, gave them an A+! The Water Mill Cupcake Company is opened at 10 am til 5pm. The coffee was pretty awesome too. Great job ladies! 631-726-044 is the number!