So there’s good news and bad news here.  The bad news is you people are essentially lazy.    The good news is everyone who entered my holiday decorating contest is a winner!   Yes, I got 4 entries.  One of which was a friend who was actually staying in my house.   So he’ll get a prize along with Lisa Barone of Sag Harbor and Deanna Covino of Hampton Bays, the gang at Baron’s Cove and D. Strohmeir.    So anyway, happy holidays all even though I will never do a contest like this again.   BAH HUMBUG!   Here are the winners…

Deanna Covino of Hampton Bays


Lisa Barone of Sag Harbor

D Strohmeir of East Hampton

Meanwhile, lots of news about interest rates.  They’re up… and people are upset!    But wait…. defying the hike, rates actually went down?  I’m so confused!   But while folks like me are waiting for the dust to settle on what all of this actually means there’s still lots of news in the lending biz.   In fact, one thing I recently learned … wait.. why am I telling you… watch it for yourself.   Recently mortgage guru Melissa Cohn of MC Home Loan sat down with me to discuss what’s happening.

FINALLY… a little something fun from the 80’s music fanatic that I am.  It’s 60,000 LED lights dancing to the song “We Three Kings” by Book of Love!    Gotta love this!!


While we all know there are a multitude of factors currently affecting the housing market, one of the most closely watched and discussed factors right now is of course interest rates.    What’s going on and are they any changes coming in the foreseeable future?   Luckily I got the inside scoop from one of the most recognized and respected experts in the mortgage industry.  Melissa Cohn is the founder and President of MC Home Loans and recently I had the chance to sit down with her to discuss what we can expect to see in the near future.

It may be 60 degrees outside but the calendar says NOVEMBER… so that has me asking the question to all of you.
Ho .. ho..Ho? Available at Tipsyelves.com
Are you ready for the holidays?!    Yeah, I know it may be pushing it…. but the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is already pimping tickets so why can’t Hamptons Chatter jump on the band wagon?   Well if you’re not ready maybe this will make you start to get in the holiday mood!   If you’re looking for a little extra cash for that holiday party, I’m here to help.   Send me a photo or short video of your holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus) decorations/display OR even outfit and you’ll be eligible for a $500 gift card to a buy some extra egg nogg or drinks at that special restaurant to celebrate the holidays.   I’m accepting photos of homes, offices and even cubicles.. sweaters, hats or even shoes…. but remember they have to be yours!   Once you send me the photos, I’ll be checking my list and announcing 3 finalists each week between November 30th and December 18th.   The grand winner will be announced December 21st right here on the blog.    So how am I judging this thing?   Well, I’ll pick the weekly finalists and it will be a combination of views on this blog and a team of my secret elves to decide the winner.   Sorry, no members of my family or office are eligible and you’ll need to be over 21 years old to enter. By submitting the photo, you’ll be authorizing me to publish your photo on this site and verifying it’s yours and you have all rights.    I don’t know why I have to say all that but it just seems like the right thing to do.     So, rather than inviting your friends to the house for Hickory Farms Beefstick, Cheetos and Mateus wine, take them out for a night on Hamptons Chatter.     This contest is also limited to residents of the Hamptons…. there will also be an out-of-towners category with a little prize yet to be determined.     So get ready to deck those halls and trim that tree… and make a buck to boot!  SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO HAMPTONSHOLIDAY15@GMAIL.COM!  Let the hunger….er… holiday games begin!