Sag Harbor has a new culinary Muse!

I thought I was done for the year but like Al Pacino in GODFATHER III, “they keep bringing me back!” I’m not sure who the “they” are but I guess it’s the fact this week has been so darn busy on the East End. It’s like July trying to find a parking space in any of the villages. So now back to the news… good news folks… the former JLX Bistro/Pommes Cafe

(I had to use JLX because I don’t think anyone knew the Pommes Cafe) will soon be taken over by the folks behind MUSE in Water Mill. Chef Chef Matthew Guiffrida will be bringing his unique and diverse menu to one of the best locations in Sag Harbor. Let’s just hope he brings his amazing fondue… YES FONDUE… from MUSE to the new location. Yeah, I know fondue is not something that will help me win any “hard body” contest!

Located on the end of Main St., the space has gone through several incarnations over the past few years. But I think it has more to do with bad management than it being a bad location. Besides, if anyone can make this work I’m convinced Guiffrida can do it. I’ve always loved MUSE but since I live in East Hampton, found the trek to Water Mill a little much especially in the summer. So, I’m thrilled he’s taking over this space in Sag Harbor. In fact, I asked Matthew if he’ll be doing any of his cooking classes in Sag Harbor and he said, yes! He also told me his menu will be similar to that of MUSE but with a few more pasta and seafood dishes added.

Speaking of the man behind the stove, Matthew Guiffrida if any one of my friends who still works in television reads this blog, take note! Who was one of the first people to give Bobby Flay a gig on TV?! You’re right, it was ME! Well let me tell you Guiffrida should be your next food segment booking. I went to his cooking class and not only was it an amazing night of food and wine… LOTS OF WINE ACTUALLY… but Matthew is charming, funny and fast. He should be doing television! Matthew good luck with the new place and make sure we get invited to that opening hopefully this March!

Now for a little bit of bad news. It seems the restaurant that was the BEACH HOUSE is no longer. What started out in my opinion one of the best new restaurants of Summer 2011 has become a victim of the off season blues. According to owner Michael Gluckman, he may be back in another

incarnation soon. I’m hoping so and I’m also hoping the new restaurant serves what I thought was some of the best TUNA TAR TARE around. Ok, hopefully I’m done… and done with blogging about food. I’m going back to the gym this afternoon and hopefully I’ll blog more about working out in 2012!!! Wish me luck!

Seasons Greetings… Another local business bites the dust

After years on Main St., then moving to a less trafficked area Hampton Cards has finally called it quits. I don’t know the woman who ran this but she was always in her store, friendly and worked hard. I always made it a point to try and support this local store owner but I guess I was one of a few. After a valiant attempt she succumbed to the economy and rising rents and joins the ranks of local store owners who were forced to shutter their doors. We will miss you!

ON A HAPPIER SEASONAL NOTE….I did a little project for Prudential Douglas Elliman’s holiday party in the Hamptons this year. It’s sad but I didn’t get to show it to everyone, I had tech problems. But better late than never and here it is. Happy Holiday everyone, from the gang!

Is the Grill cooked… and we need a little Christmas in the Hamptons!

I know it’s been wayyyyyyyyy toooo long since my last blog. But hey, really… I’ve been busy. So anyway, what’s going on, let me see.

Last month, the GRILL ON PANTIGO, formerly Wei Fun quietly closed their door for the season. But while the sign on the door says “see you next spring” the rumor is that the reopening will be “Wei unlikely.” Apparently after an uneventful summer season, the owners have quietly but the business and the building on the block for a cool $5,000,000. I asked the management will they be reopening next spring and they claim they’ll be there come warm weather… we’ll see. While the inside space is pretty awesome, the food there just didn’t cut the mustard…. or the house specialty rubber chicken (It made airplane food look good). I know it’s not the location because before it was Wei Fun it was O’Malley’s which was in the location for almost 20 years. Whatever it was O’Malley’s was packed every night year round, let’s hope the owners can get it right with the next incarnation.

Meanwhile, what’s up with the lack of festivity in the Hamptons. I decided I was going to try and spot some of the best decorated windows around town from Montauk to Southampton. So you know how many windows I found worth discussing? 3! Yep, that’s it folks three windows. Somewhere the Grinch is smiling about the humbuggery in the Hamptons. So who is worth discussing this holiday season?

Well, JCrew for one… it’s festive its fun and it looks like it took more than 20 minutes to put together! Yeah J Crew.

The other two are Ralph Lauren (we’ll say all three stores) look awesome. But what else would you expect from the brand that ate the Hamptons. It’s chic and unassuming and puts you in the holiday mood. So if your in East Hampton, check out Rugby, Polo Kids and the Polo stores.

Finally, I loved COMERFORDS windows in Bridgehampton. It’s a funky metal Christmas tree in lights and a snow covered terrain that looks like it was made from old window shades. Totally cool and very innovative, the window is one of the funkiest in the Hamptons. So anyway, I’m trying to get more organized and get more blogs up. Please be patient and happy holidays everyone!!!