I have been busy or lazy lately… But I have to write today! Why I think the U.S. should boycott the Brazil Olympics!

If you’ve been following the story of David Goldman… you’ll know why I think it’s important we put pressure on the Brazilian government to either return his son Sean or call for a boycott of the games in 2016. It’s sooner than you think. That means let NBC know (I assume the have the rights) and the international Olympic committee that you are outraged by international kidnapping. I’m not going into details but the Brazilian government has been thumbing their US and especially this unfortunate father from New Jersey. Why aren’t more people outraged by this!?!?

I apologize this isn’t one of my snarky and very locally focused blogs but I’m so empathetic towards this situation. Read the details below and get the whole story… and tell your friends. Sean Goldman is just one of hundreds of children who are victims of international incidents like this. Tell Brazil with your money that you won’t stand for this sort of gross injustice! I won’t go on… read the heartbreaking details for yourselves and let your local officials know how you feel!