Break out the pastels and the whites… it’s now officially ok to wear your fancy duds!  Well as of Sunday anyway.   So after the bunny has dropped the basket, where are some great places to wear your best bonnet?   Well look no further, Hamptons Chatter is here to help.  Here are my top 3 suggestions:
Page at 63 Main in Sag Harbor (page63main.com, 631-725-1810)  will have an a la carte brunch menu from 11 to 4 featuring such holiday favorites as leg of lamb and Eggs Benedict.   They’ll also have plenty of champagne and mimosas to help with that headache from the all the little kiddies sugar high!
So CUTE.. and hopefully not on any menu!
Topping Rose in Bridgehampton (toppingrosehouse.com, 631-537-0870) will also have an al carte brunch menu featuring everything Brioche Donuts to Painted Hill Short Rib hash from 11:30 to 3p.   They’ll also have activities for the kids and a giant Easter Bunny around for photographs.  You’ll be able to order EXTRA champagne without drama.  Earplugs will not be provided.
Barons Cove in Sag harbor (baronscove.com, 631-725-2101) will be hosting an Easter egg hunt for the kids… so hopefully they’ll be outside.   Brunch will be served from 11 to 4p and feature all your holiday favorites including lamb, roast beef and rabbit stew.  OK, actually there is no rabbit stew…. that would be kind of cruel.   Don’t cha think!?    I mean… “Thank you Easter Bunny for the chocolate… now jump into the pot!?”

Speaking of Easter Bunnies, they need to be watching their eggs and hops these days.   While I’m not sure if it’s a real warning or where the heck it originates, there is a message circulating on the internet and Facebook about there being a larger number of Hawks this season on the east coast.   The alleged warning has been issued by “Park Rangers” and “Veterinarians” to pet owners who have dogs or cats that weigh less then 12 pounds.


Apparently our small furry friends run the risk of being swooped away.   I actually had a friend who swore that happened to her pet a few years back but I question that particular incident and attribute it more to her 3 martini breakfast.    “I saw it… my dog flew away!”   Kind of scary considering it was a German Shepard. Anyway, all kidding aside I did some digging online and while the “warning” may possibly be bogus, the risk is actually quite real.    But before you panic and call your local veterinarian for advice or veteran with a gun on addressing the potential problem, just remember these birds of prey are FEDERALLY PROTECTED!      So what can you do?   Well here is are a few tips for keeping your pets safe.

-Keep them leashed and supervise when outdoors.
-Remove bird feeders.   They attract small birds and mice which in tern attract raptors.
-Put hhiny objects that move out of the yard, such as silver streamers.   They will scare off the birds.
-Build a pen with a wire mesh for your pet to play.
So keep your pets safe, have a great weekend and remember SUMMER IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER.  Which means traffic.   Yeah!

Snowpocalypse… Snowmageddon….. Blizzard ’15. Here are the pictures!

OK, so this is a good transition blog for me.   I took some time off to recharge my creative juices.     So look for a new blog tomorrow.  I promise.  In the meantime, I took a drive around town so you don’t have to go outside.

Yes……. I have to include Bella and Russell!

Chilly Scenes of Winter… in The Hamptons!!!


Town Line Beach, Wainscottt


My favorite Hamptons Snow Bunnies!


Georgica Pond


The White House, East Hampton Village


East Hampton Village


Off the Pond, EH Village


East Hampton Library


Dune Alpin….. snowy horse fields!
Yeah, my dogs.  It’s my blog… so my dogs!




One of the Biggest Health Threats to Hamptons Dogs… and a New Threat to My Waistline… SIENNA East Hampton!

In my book there are a few sayings or truth’s that I believe to actually be true.   A few of the ones I believe are:  1: Let sleeping dogs lie especially if they’re a Jack Russell/Beagle mix (my dog Russell).  2:  In real estate, every home owner thinks their house is “unique and special.”  (Yes, I know the cherub grotto in the foyer was custom made!) 3: Never go to a restaurant on an opening night.   Well now, I can say I’m reexamining things now that rule number 3 has actually been proven wrong for a second time.  The first time was when the East Hampton Grill opened a few years ago.  They hit the ground running and are still going strong.  The more recent was last Saturday when friends of mine took me to the opening night of Sienna.    Located at the site of the former Lilly Pond/Phillipe’s.  The new restaurant is run by the folks behind the successful “T Bar” on Manhattan’s upper east side.

Sienna… a great first night.. and it can only get better!

Well it’s apparent these guys know what they’re doing.  Some of the reviews in Zagat’s have said about T Bar that the food is “delicious,” with a “pleasant and gracious crew.”  Well it’s pretty much the same thing here in the Hamptons at Sienna.  My table mates pretty much gave thumbs up to every dish including the shrimp cocktail, the Caesar salad (creamy but not too heavy), chopped salad, a perfectly done tuna (rare but not still swimming and delicious) and steak.    Not only that, the service was on the ball, while not perfect it was a solid B+ and better than most restaurants that have been open in the Hamptons for years.   It was the first night and the food came out on time, hot and with a smile!  It was the first night!!!  So you know me, I’m not like other publications that say nice things about everyone because they’re hoping they advertise (Blue Parrot is good!?!? Really???? Rugosa??!  Enough said).   Although if they want to advertise  I’ll do another good review.  I can be bought and cheaply.    Anyway, take my advice and go check out Sienna at 44 Three Mile Harbor Rd, East Hampton  631-604-6060.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Meantime, what is one of the biggest problems for dogs on the east end?   The answer may surprise you.   Recently I sat down with Dr. Barry Browning from Sag Harbor Veterinary Clinic (yes, I had to spell check veterinary because when I was a tv producer I got into trouble with veteran’s groups once… enough said) and he filled me in.