It seems everything is heating up these days.  The weather, the politics and the buzz for the latest entry in to making Sag Harbor “THE” place this summer.    First Le Bilboquet and now the Trump organization has staked their claim as they unveiled their logo atop the American Hotel in Sag Harbor earlier this morning. According to the press release that was being handed out by campaign workers and hotel volunteers, “The Trump Organization is here to add some class to this sleepy little town. Hopefully we can get pretty people to come to Sag Harbor… it needs it, right now everyone looks like Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina.”    The official kick off won’t be for a few months until all of the gilding is finished on the exterior and cherub water fountain placed in the foyer.   “It’s gonna (sic) look classy” said one Trump spokesman.     There are also plans that the current restaurant will be replaced with “Donald’s Big Weiner Hut” specializing in over sized Kobe beef hot dogs.    For more information, you can visit the new hotel website here.     I’m hoping they can just make Sag Harbor great again!

COMING SOON: Service Station

OK, hopefully you clicked the link above and KNOW all the details from above.  In the meantime, some changes are in store for the former Nichols and the ever so briefly named Winston’s.    The East Hampton locale is now being prepped for the upcoming season by SagTown Coffee’s Shane Dyckman and local restaurateur Michael Gluckman.    The “SERVICE STATION” will feature a diverse menu featuring fresh seafood and more contemporary fare such as rock shrimp tacos, steak frites, rotisserie chicken and tuna ceviche.    The goal is to be a casual family friendly establishment for both locals and summer visitors.  The wine selection will also have a wide selection by the glass and starting at $8.    Look for details on the opening date sometime in the next few weeks.  I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, someone who will really help make Sag Harbor great is coming to town.  Rumor has it Drew Barrymore just plopped down a little under $4 million dollars for a home in the village.

No way to tell when she’s actually coming to town but I’m looking forward to seeing my favorite Charlie’s Angel out and about.

Is it a horror movie? Think “Hostel” with a gunite pool and tennis court!

According to Hollywood trades, filmmaker RJ Cutler, who last directed the Anna Wintour/Vogue movie The September Issue, is setting his sites on the Hamptons. He apparently got the green light from Warner Bros. on a movie about a group of teenage Au Pairs who spend the Summer working in the Hamptons. The movie will be based on a novel by Melissa de la Cruz. The girls apparently from different socioeconomic backgrounds balance their domestic work with the carefree and unpretentious life in our little part of the world (yes,I’m being sarcastic). The pic is being produced by GREY GARDENS star Drew Barrymore. I guess she really likes it out here! Hey Drew, I have a couple really great listings I want to show you!

Now I don’t’ mean to be critical but the show biz genius’ of the production crew have decided to shoot this summer in East Hampton! Drew I know it wasn’t your idea, you’re smarter than that!!! But, shooting a movie in East Hampton during the summer.. great idea! NOT! Oh, let’s hope they only shoot on weekends! Better yet, shoot on Snake Hollow Rd., the week of the Hampton Classic. Let’s hope they get beach permits for any surf side shooting!!