You have been warned … act now or you’ll be lugging your cooler and hanging at Jones Beach!!!

EVERY YEAR… I tell everyone to get beach permits early. But do half of you listen to me?? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Last year permits ran out in March and I’m sure this year will be no different. I called the East Hampton
Village offices and they told me they’re already sold 1200 of the available 2700. It’s only FEBRUARY!! You need the permit on your car starting May 15th through September 15th. Main Beach and Two Mile Hollow Beach are the only village beaches where you can pay by the day for parking – $20 per day, weekdays only, not available on weekends or holidays. I’m not sure why you can’t on weekends but remember, it’s the Hamptons and logic stops at the Shinnecock canal!

Village parking permits are free to residents of the village and cost $300 per vehicle for non-village residents with a valid vehicle registration. Non-resident permits are limited in number and are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. They already sold 1200… did I say that?!

Village parking permits are available at Village Hall, open 9 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Residents must show proof of residency if you want a freebie. Both residents and non-residents must provide a valid vehicle registration. You got to remember, they’re serious about this permit stuff… If you don’t believe me read the following quote from the department of redundancy department of East Hampton’s website: “Town of East Hampton parking permits are not valid at village beaches and village permits are not valid at town beaches. There are no town, county, or state beaches in the Village of East Hampton.” Damn it!!!

In other East Hampton news, Sea Spray Cottages are nestled behind ocean dunes on a narrow strip between the ocean and and Hook Pond just east of Main Beach at the end of Ocean Avenue. The 13 cottages were once part of the famous Sea Spray Inn. The Village now owns and rents the cottages during the summer season from the second week in May until the third week in September. Well their auctioning off the leases for this coming summer. But if you think they’ll be cheap… think again. The leases are expected to garner prices well into the six figures. If you want more details… do a google search My computer is acting up ad I need to finish before it crashes! Don’t buy an HP Touch Smart!!!!

Retail Roundup…. Busy, Busy, Busy…. What Recession!?!?!??!?

Summer 2009 is officially here and despite all the predictions of doom and gloom the Hamptons were HUSTLING! East Hampton town was a virtual gridlock of traffic, even with the sunny weather and warm temperatures. Are they coming to town to shop or to go to the beach!?!? Whatever, local merchants were happy and the cash registers were ringing!

Frank Calvo of East Hampton Pharmacy and Bridgehampton Pharmacy told me he did “THREE times the business he did last year!” In case you haven’t been skip the big chain place and go visit Frank, you’ll get
the personal service and he stocks some of the best and most exclusive sundries (great shampoos and soaps,etc.) found anywhere in the Hamptons. I only have one complaint he doesn’t stock any “Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific,” I’ve been having a miserable time finding it anywhere in the past 30 years!

In Sag Harbor, David of IN HOME said it was much busier than last year. Monday was a winner day for him he told me, this in spite of Main Street being closed for parade early Monday afternoon.
How did the restaurants do!? Killer apparently… The Lodge in East Hampton was packed all weekend… The Pear was Golden in SAG, EH and Southampton… Beacon in Sag Harbor had customers lining up non-stop… and the Palm was filled to the rafters!! So for all of the nay sayers out there… THE HAMPTONS ARE STILL THE PLACE TO BE FOR SUMMER!! It was a great weekend for all, except maybe Rudy Giuiliani who got heckled and verbally assaulted in Bridgehampton. I’m not getting into it… but if you want to read more go here:
See you tomorrow!