My long awaited… by at least somone although I’m not sure who… return!!! BEACH PERMIT UPDATE!

Yeah, I know I keep saying I’ll blog more but somehow I get caught up in the moment trying to put food in the dog bowl and it slips my mind. So what’s been going on???? Well, lots as far as I’m concerned.

The market has been brisk and busy out here. Already, I’ve done more rentals this year than I did a year ago at this time. So I’m genuinely optomistic about things out here. While I haven’t seen prices go up on either sales or rentals, the article the Faux News had about Hamptons foreclosures being rampant, I JUST DON’T SEE IT. That’s my two cents and I’m sticking to it.

Switching gears now as we used to say in the TV biz.. I’m already getting ready for bathing suit weather. I’ve driven by De Jesus Deli in Southampton and resisted the tamales…

I’ve just said NO to The Golden Pear’s “Mac N Cheese” (even though it costs more than a car payment and the calories are the same number as a Chevy’s weight)… it’s probably the best in the Hamptons! Seriously it is THE best but no doubt extremely fattening!

So, I’m watching my waist and one of the things I’m doing to help me in my quest to ditch the Sans-A-Belt pants is running. Where am I running to? I’m running to East Hampton

Village Hall because apparently there are only 700 of the 2900 beach permits still available for non-residents of the village! Yeee Gads! That means they’re about 75% of the way sold out!! I known it’s only early March but if you remember, last year they were gone by early April. If you want information on what you need to do to get the coveted EH Village parking permit, CLICK HERE! In the meantime, here are the rest of the town links if you want to get a town permit.

Ok, my hands are hurting and I’m done typing and I’m full from my Mac N Cheese lunch! I know you’re thinking “bathing suit?” Well I didn’t say what size bathing suit I wanted to buy!

Southampton Village

Southampton Town

East Hampton Town

Two bucks will get you on the subway, but fresh garlic will get you a seat. I know where to buy it and announcing THE EAST HAMPTON GRILL!

Well, now that we all know that Della Famina is soon to be no more… I can tell you that the Hillstone Group the people behind Houstons will soon be opening “THE EAST HAMPTON GRILL.” I’ll assume it’s to be much like the PALM BEACH GRILL which the company owns and currently operates in that “OTHER” resort area. I only hope one thing, they have the Slow Roasted Pork Ribs, the Spinach artichoke dip and the crab cakes! It’s funny but I’ve never heard so much buzz or excitement about the opening of a new restaurant in the Hamptons like I have about this. Sure NOBU is going to Southampton but as I said before, the lines will be longer at The East Hampton Grill!

Citarella is getting a run for it’s money as Mike and Sandy DeGennaro, who own Long Wharf Wines in Sag Harbor and Southampton Wines at Water Mill Shops and Muse Restaurant & Aquatic Lounge chef Matthew Guiffrida have finally opened their long awaited AVANTI CULINARY MARKET.

Located at the site of the old Citerellas in Water Mill, I went to the shopping center the other day to buy cupcakes for a friend’s birthday (at Water Mill Cupcakes) and ended up strolling through what is one of the best epicurean (thank you spell check) centers in the Hamptons. The prices are more than competitive with the other gourmet shops in the Hamptons but the staff was over the top helpful!! The selection of seafood and meats were well stocked but I was bowled over by the extensive selection of herbs and spices (why do I sound like I’m talking about KFC) with the slick and cool packaging.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t try much of the prepared foods since I’m currently trying to squeeze into my 29″ waist speedo so I can’t comment. But I did try the tuna which the chef offered to turn into freshly prepared “tuna tare tare.” It was probably the best I ever had! To make a long story longer or shorter, AVANTI is now open visit their website for more details. But why do that… just go… EAT!

Planning your weekend… What’s going on!

Well the forecast is looking kind of iffy at this point. I don’t know of a time when I’ve been so consistantly depressed reading a forecast! Tomorrow. Rain, followed by rain, then more rain and then a thunderstorm. YUCK! ENOUGH!

So what to do other than pump the excess water out of your basement or pool? Go have a cocktail and help raise some money for a good cause. You can also go do some nifty artsy stuff like…

Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 5pm: The Sag Harbor Chamber of commerce is holding it’s annual Arts and Crafts fair in Marine Park on Bay Street. Admission is free and you can get more information by visiting the chambers website .

On saturday night… tons of benefits but I’ll give you my top 3. I’ve yet to decide which one I’m going to!

Love Heals at Luna Farm, benefitting the Alison Gertz Foundation for Aids research. It’s a beach theme featurning cocktails, auction, dancing and a barbeque. I don’t know the price of tickets but it’s being held at 276 Parsonage Lane, Sagaponack starting at 7:30pm. If you need more details go to the we address .

Next is the American Heart Associations 13th annual Heart of the Hamptons Gala. This year’s event is being held on the grounds of the Hayground School in Bridgehampton. There will be your standard auction, food and drinks. I will say this event has one of the best silent auctions all summer. Tickets are $500 and you can get more details here:

This year’s event is emceed by Bill Hemmer formerly of CNN. Rudy Giuliani and wife Judith will be there along with a long list of other east end celebrities.

Now last but not least … the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons better known as ARF is hosting ther 23rd annual GARDEN TOUR of 6 gardens in East Hampton. The tour is Saturday from 10am to 4pm followed by cocktails from 4-6pm. Get more details at

If you’re not familiar with ARF .. I encourage you to explore the web site. They’re a shelter for animals in need and they do an awesome job… my own Boo is a shelter dog but you would think she came from Tiffany’s (she has attitude). When you’re there… read about Heidi above and see what you can do to help!!

Sorry I was MIA for a few days but it was MY turn to make the doughnuts!