Random Musings Vol 1. .. Cinco De Mayo, Subway and A Senior Project Sells in East Hampton!

Sometimes,  there’s a lot going on in the Hamptons.   This week is no exception.   So rather than try to write stuff and link it together for a blog… not that I ever really write anything coherently…. I’m just going to throw stuff out there and here it is… oh and Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

Speaking of Mexican…  Sabrosa Grill is opening in Water Mill next to the Hess Station.  Let the battle of the burritos begin.     While I don’t think Sabrosa will require you to microwave your own
meal, I still have high hopes for their food.    It’s apparently a chain like Chipotle and it’s headquartered in Lancaster, PA.  Everyone knows the Amish are experts in Mexican cuisine.   Check out their website here. 

Size didn’t matter to Hamptonites!

A $5 Footlong Fiasco – Subway in Water Mill is no more…. it recently closed it’s doors at the most cursed location on the East End.   You know the one where there was once a Citarella, Blockbuster, Video, Water Mill Cupcake, Foody’s, Avanti and Muse among others. Apparently nobody cares about size in the Hamptons…. LOL! NOT!I don’t normally stop and take photos but this scene on the corner of Stephen Hands Path and 114 in East Hampton just jumped out at me.    What do you think this picture is saying?

Patriotic decorating in the Hamptons!


An innovative high school design!

Lisa Perry’s never ending senior high school home economics project is coming to East Hampton.   I guess if anyone has enough money they can take liberties with the word “style.” This beautiful ditty to the left which just screams fashion sense is now available on E-bay!  No, YOU have to pay THEM!

They go lightly in the night!

Speaking of style… somewhere the stylish Audrey Hepburn is shedding a tear.   The Tiffany and Company on Main Street is no more!  Apparently they went lightly one night a few weeks ago. Sadly, there will be no Breakfast at Tiffany’s in the Hamptons you’ll instead how to go to London Jewelers … “Breakfast at London Jewelers”… hmmmmmm…. not as catchy!
Moon river and me…………….

Finally, is it just me but does driving along Route 27 feel a lot like playing the old video game Frogger?!   Maybe we can make this into an actual game avoid a big hole and get 100 points…  medium 50  points… small 10!?