While we all know there are a multitude of factors currently affecting the housing market, one of the most closely watched and discussed factors right now is of course interest rates.    What’s going on and are they any changes coming in the foreseeable future?   Luckily I got the inside scoop from one of the most recognized and respected experts in the mortgage industry.  Melissa Cohn is the founder and President of MC Home Loans and recently I had the chance to sit down with her to discuss what we can expect to see in the near future.

It may be 60 degrees outside but the calendar says NOVEMBER… so that has me asking the question to all of you.
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Are you ready for the holidays?!    Yeah, I know it may be pushing it…. but the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is already pimping tickets so why can’t Hamptons Chatter jump on the band wagon?   Well if you’re not ready maybe this will make you start to get in the holiday mood!   If you’re looking for a little extra cash for that holiday party, I’m here to help.   Send me a photo or short video of your holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus) decorations/display OR even outfit and you’ll be eligible for a $500 gift card to a buy some extra egg nogg or drinks at that special restaurant to celebrate the holidays.   I’m accepting photos of homes, offices and even cubicles.. sweaters, hats or even shoes…. but remember they have to be yours!   Once you send me the photos, I’ll be checking my list and announcing 3 finalists each week between November 30th and December 18th.   The grand winner will be announced December 21st right here on the blog.    So how am I judging this thing?   Well, I’ll pick the weekly finalists and it will be a combination of views on this blog and a team of my secret elves to decide the winner.   Sorry, no members of my family or office are eligible and you’ll need to be over 21 years old to enter. By submitting the photo, you’ll be authorizing me to publish your photo on this site and verifying it’s yours and you have all rights.    I don’t know why I have to say all that but it just seems like the right thing to do.     So, rather than inviting your friends to the house for Hickory Farms Beefstick, Cheetos and Mateus wine, take them out for a night on Hamptons Chatter.     This contest is also limited to residents of the Hamptons…. there will also be an out-of-towners category with a little prize yet to be determined.     So get ready to deck those halls and trim that tree… and make a buck to boot!  SEND YOUR ENTRIES TO HAMPTONSHOLIDAY15@GMAIL.COM!  Let the hunger….er… holiday games begin!


The royal formerly known as Prince William, now known as Kate Middleton’s husband is apparently planning to bring his Windsor brood to spend their summer in the Hamptons!   I know!  I know!   I’m as excited as the next Anglophile!    According to the rarely reliable OK magazine, the two have already rented a large estate to rub elbows with the likes of Spielberg and Martha.    According to palace “sources” they have always wanted to come here so George and Charlotte can “enjoy the sea and the sunshine.”   It sounds reasonable to me, so ignore those wet blankets over at Gossip Cop that are calling this report complete b*##*#$@!     In fact, I have a few suggestions for the royals when they take that leap across the pond.   I know William will find it here on Hamptons Chatter next time he googles his name in a exhausted or drunken stupor!

Calls to Buckingham palace have not been returned!
Hi William, hopefully you didn’t buy that estate yet and you’ll be calling me as your agent in the near future.   Why will you call me?  Well after you enjoy these five awesome suggestions I have for you when visiting the Hamptons, you’ll know I’m your go to man!
Cyril’s:  Will, it’s the best people watching in the Hamptons and the location overlooking scenic route 27 is fit for a King, which you should be next IMHO!   Make sure to order two BBCs (don’t ask just drink) and Kate will be macking on you like you’re that lead singer guy from One Direction!

Home Goods:   Who doesn’t love a bargain!?   You and Kate can stock the estate with fresh linen and towels and even those nifty plastic margarita glasses without paying a kings ransom!  Not that I hope Charles gets kidnapped and you become King… but if that happens… NO PROBLEMO!  You’ll be saving a bundle and have the cash as your “HOME GOODS HAPPY.”

The Essence of cool!

The Giant Duck:   OK, it’s actually NOT in the Hamptons but it’s a GIANT DUCK! Hello!?  How cool is that!?

Martha Stewart’s House:    She lives in town and if you give me a call, I’m happy to share her address.  Just go over, she loves drop by guests!   She’ll help Kate use local flowers to make the most amazing table centerpieces and her fresh lemonade is to die for… really!   Just go!  Tell her I said it was OK.
The American Hotel:   A Hamptons institution where you can spot an occasional celebrity and enjoy scenic Sag Harbor.  Another plus is they now have hooks under the bar for Kate’s purse.    One final suggestion; I would wait till HRH Elizabeth II comes to town and bring her, she will actually be one of the younger folks at the bar, which will make her feel good.    You’ll all have a blast!
Finally, when you come to town Will… can I call you Will?… make sure to bring some good allergy medicine because it is apparently ….”POLLENGEDDON” out here right now!   Pools are green, cars are green, windows are green and my poor dog Bella is green… and it’s not easy!     So, luckily I have two quick ideas you can follow to help make breathing easier here on the east end.   Try small doses of some local honey, apparently it will help you build a resistance to the pollen since the local bees use the same pollen to make the sweet stuff!   You can also try showering more frequently, apparently the pollen sticks to your skin and hair more than you realize.   So stop breathing all that dead epidermis and pollen and take a shower.  If all else fails, head to CVS and get some Claritan and make sure to register for the frequent shopper points!


Makeover Mangia!

If you’ve been through Wainscott lately,  you’ve probably noticed there’s a whole lot of something going on at the former location of Georgica and Saracen restaurants.   The location is now the home of Osteria Salina and the inside has been given face lift that would make Cher green with envy!  Its been a much needed change for the 130 year old building that was more recently the home of ruckus night clubs catering to the hard partying “bottle and banquette” crowd.    Instead neighbors now have a traditional Sicilian restaurant in one of the most charming locations around.   In fact, if you ask me it looks like they spent a pretty penne to make it look good!  Sorry for the pun.

The Georgica Room with a view!

The restaurant which was formally located on School Street in Bridgehampton has now been expanded by purveyor Tim Gaglio and his wife Cinzia (the chef) into a larger 225 seat venue overlooking Georgica Pond.   The menu will remain the same and feature old favorites like Charred Octopus, Polpette (amazing italian meatballs), Mezzi Rigitoni alla Siciliana, fresh seafood specials but with the addition of pizzas cooked in the brick oven that was a staple back when the restaurant was “Sapore di Mare.”     If you don’t remember back that far then you certainly don’t know the reason Route 27 is so close to the site!?  Well I’ll tell you, it’s owed to two feuding brothers, one who designed highways for the state and the other who owned a house in Wainscott!

Classic design meets chic renovation!

Well enough about the location, the food which comes with a Sicilian pedigree (Cinzia comes from a long line of Italian restauranteurs) that goes all the way back to Sorra Italy has been earning raves from local celebs like Billy Joel, Alan Alda and Howard Stern to name a few.   In fact, I bet next door neighbor Ron Perlman will soon swing by for some Bucatini con Sarde … the smells will get ’em and I heard he loves to walk everywhere!   There’s no doubt it will be attracting the same crowd plus a few new ones with the expanded dining room.   Osteria Salina will open it’s doors quietly this Thursday (5/21) night at 5pm and be open for business year round.   It’s a great addition to the area and if you have any doubt they’re aiming for a different crowd than the last establishment, stop by on Sunday’s from 1 to 9pm when they’ll be serving traditional Sophia Loren sized “family style” dinners.    If you want a reservation and my guess is your going to need them… check out the restaurant on OPENTABLE.COM

As any real estate on the east end will tell you, dealing with Summer rentals is never easy.    This Friday will no doubt too be another hair raising experience for agents all over as tenants start to move into their seasonal rentals.  Yes, I’ll soon be getting calls about defective toasters, noisy neighbors and even the occasional call asking for an address (write it down before you go out drinking).

Well it’s a few years later and now enough time has passed to tell a tale I from a few years ago when one tenant called me complaining about the wireless Internet.   I explained I wasn’t an expert but I would swing by and take a look.    Apparently the code for the wifi wasn’t working and I thought I’d give it a shot.  When I arrived I input the code and bing!  It worked!   What was the problem?   Well, when I gave them the code in the e mail I wrote “the password is case sensitive xyz.”  Yes, you got it… they wrote “CASE SENSITIVE” when inputting the code.  By the way, English was their first language and it was a $200k+ seasonal rental!    Only in the Hamptons!