Come along hear the song that we’re singing… come on get HAPPY!

It was a beautiful week in the Hamptons but not for humpback whales unfortunately. Anyway, an awesome week and Friday is of course full of rain. What can you do today to put you back in that happy mood??? Why go to a HAPPY HOUR of course. So, if you’re looking for some suggestions here is a really great one!!!

The Palm in East Hampton is having what they call PRIME TIME, weekdays at the bar. While drinks are full priced the appetizers and nibbles are dirt cheap. A platter of KOBE BEEF SLIDERS which are normally $10 are $3.50!!! Yes, $3.50 and no they don’t cheat you out and give you a spa portion! In fact, all of their PRIME BITES MENU is $3.50each! What a deal… Filet Mignon Capri Sandwiches, Calamari Fritti, Mini Broiled Crab Cakes and tons more. It’s totally awesome. If you haven’t been to the bar at The Palm, the bar itself is small but there’s plenty of booths, tables and comfy chairs. The only downside of this is the occasional overbearing scent of cologne or perfume. I’m not sure why Hai Karate and Jean Nate wearers favor The Palm. It’s just one of those eternal mysteries only Leonard Nimoy would dare explore!!

Finally, my last place for a great happy hour is my sofa with a nice glass of anything. OK, maybe not anything… I don’t like Riesling or Sterno! Anyway, have a great Friday night all!!! Hope to see you soon!