If you’ve driven through Bridgehampton anytime in say the past 5 months, you probably noticed an annoying question mark posted for all to see.    While I like a good mystery as questionmarkmuch as the next Scooby Doo or Shaggy, after months of watching the virtual gut renovation of the former Hudson Blue/Mercado/Agave restaurant I had enough.   So I started sniffing around.    So, after looking through windows (I saw some bistro chairs and a POS system) and a few phone calls to the right people I’ve discovered it’s apparently going to be ‘french bakery and cafe.”   Ohhhh laa laaa.  Yes, once again my hopes of having an Ihop in the Hamptons have been dashed.     I don’t know much more than what I’ve told you but I’ll keep you informed as I hear anything new.  I mean this is a blog, not the NY Times… I can only investigate so much.

Meanwhile, the summer may be over but there’s still plenty to do here on the east end.  This Thursday the Hamptons International Film Festival kicks off their 27th year with a special screening of Mariah Carey’s directorial debut of her “Citizen Kane” remake.   The film starring Steven Seagal already took the top prize at the Cannes … Ok, I can’t even joke about this anymore it’s too sick.   But could you imagine?    It would make Madonna’s Swept Away look like… well Citizen Kane!     Actually I don’t know what the kick off film is but you can CLICK HERE and get all the details that you need for buying tickets and what’s playing.     I will tell you the BIG ticket this year is Martin Scorsese’s THE IRISHMAN, starring Robert DeNiro.     The festival starts Thursday and ends Monday the 14th.

Round… like a circle in spiral like a wheel within a wheel!?

Hey, after a brief hiatus I’m back!!! So what’s cooking!? Lots but let me first tell you about this e mail I got from something called. “SOUTHAMPTONRESIDENTSUNITED”.. YEAH, it’s one word. Anyway, they’re a little peeved that Southampton Town board is getting ready to discuss a vote on legislation that will allow any homeowner with a lot of 1/2 acre or larger to install two wind “turbines” as tall as 120 feet with no planned restrictions for scenic areas or closeness to neighbors. While personally, I love the idea for green energy.. I more love the idea that if you don’t like your neighbor you can now install a wind turbine!!!! Wow! How cool is that!!! I just imagine feathers flying everywhere on the east end as those damn Canadian Geese go head long into my TURBINE!! I mean as a real estate agent, nothing helps sell a house better than an attractive 120 foot blood and feather soaked wind turbine! I don’t want to get into the debate here but if you have an issue…. call get in touch with town supervisor Anna Throne-Holst at the SH town supervisors office.

There was also a brew ha ha about the same thing in East Hampton on Long Lane earlier this year. What do you think? I’m curious to know.  meanwhile, before it’s too late make sure to get your tickets for the Hamptons International film festival. Some of the highlights include Danny (Slumdog Millionaire) Boyle’s latest “127 Hours” starring James Franco and Director Stephen Soderbergh’s documentary “And Everything is Going Fine” about the late Sag Harbor resident and author, Spalding Gray. For more information and to buy tickets, check out the website;