5 Hacks for Surviving the Hamptons… plus great beach music!!

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Well this is the home stretch folks and if you’re like me,  the glass is half full.  We have a couple more weeks of summer!!!   Yes, there’s more left of “Summergeddon 16” in the Hamptons and believe it or not, there are a few things you can make these next few weeks more enjoyable.

Get a microcell for your cell phone – One of the biggest complaints people have about being on the east end is that their phones just don’t work.  But it doesn’t have to be the case.  You can go to your local service provider and buy a mini “cell tower” that hooks up to your internet for about $150.   You could also try calling them and see if they’ll cut you some slack and send you one for free.   Sometimes they’ll do that when you’re in a zone with no “mapped” coverage.   It’s bad enough for house guest but Lord knows even locals go nuts with the dead zones out here!

In Southampton behind Chase… plenty of spots!

Learn where to park – Going to dinner, lunch or just picking up a Lululemon shirt can be a nightmare during the height of summer.   Driving up and down main street hoping that you’ll be lucky and be granted a gift by your parking angel.  But what if that Escalade isn’t pulling out for your Mini-Cooper any time soon?   In Southampton Village, haul your four tires around the corner and use the village parking behind the Chase bank and West Main.    In Sag Harbor, during the day try the lot next to Dodds and Eder on W. Water St.   In East Hampton, the Walbaum’s lot is always a nightmare so instead try the lot off Gingerbread Lane Extension (by the YMCA) and cut through Herrick Park to the heart of the village.

Coming and Going –  We all know you don’t leave the Hamptons on Sunday afternoons at 4 pm and you don’t leave the city on Fridays from 11am-5pm… so when are the “optimal” times to make your trek back and forth?  Well since I’m now a full timer out here I had to ask a few of my friends who are citidiot’s to get an answer.  What is the best time to go back and forth to the east end?  The answer; Friday nights around 7pm departure from the city and Monday am at about 8 am departing the Hamptons.  That is of course if you can’t catch the “cannonball” from Penn Station.

Handling Your Hot Car – I’m not sure where I read this but when your car is a 105 degrees and it’s only 80 outside, there’s a simple hack that will cool it off ASAP.  I’m not sure how it works or why but it does. Open the passenger side window and then open and shut the driver side door a few times for about 15 seconds.  I kid you not, your car will be a whole lot cooler.   I failed physics in high school so if there are any geeks out there to explain this, I’m all ears.

See You in September –  Hello, summer doesn’t end till until September 23rd.   I’m letting you know the best kept secret in the Hamptons… SEPTEMBER IS THE BEST MONTH.  You have warm weather, warm water, less crowds and virtually ever shop in town is having a sale!     It’s my favorite time of year out here.    It will be yours too… by the way, all the hotels are cheaper too!

Finally… it’s my blog so suffer.  I want to tell you what I’m listening to this summer.   I can do that!   For some reason I stumbled on the new album from ABC (Look of Love and When Smokey Sings fame).  It’s called The Lexicon of Love II and it’s a “sequel” to their album of the same name which was huge in ’82.   I personally think it’s awesome and it’s great pop music for grown ups.   Take a listen to the clip below.  Yeah they look older but we all do!