A Brouhaha at the Beaches in Amagansett and a Cure for Round Swamp Farm’s Cinnamon Buns… well sort of!


Those oft over-the top folks in “Amagainsit” are at it again.  Fearing that the guest of a guest, share house, booze-swilling Saturday afternoon fedora crowd would drift east from Indian Wells due to parking lot restrictions and an increased police presence, the Beach Hampton homeowners association sent out an early summer warning to members.

That beach access would be restricted to members in good standing with the Dunes home owner’s association (i.e. residents and their tenants ).
OK. We’re good so far.  While we won’t consult our Hamptons Chatter legal department just yet about their legal right to restrict access they have begun stationing “monitors” at various beach access points.  (although when we googled “lawsuit beach public access” it appears the folks in Amagansett are walking a very shaky and fine line).

This summer, clipboard carrying Studio 54 type bouncers have been checking to make sure not only if beach goers are from the right part of town, they’re also making sure everyone is ponied up with his or her Homeowners Association Dues.    But what if you landlord has paid the dues… you want to go to beach but the bouncer says “no you didn’t.”   Well that’s exactly what has been happening.  Apparently this is becoming more and more of a problem with rental tenants lugging their wares to the beach only to be turned back!!! I don’t know the whole deal here but I’m just predicting this is going to blow up before the end of the summer.

Meanwhile here in the Hamptons we’ve got more than our fair share of famous culinary and home making genius’.      There’s of course Martha Stewart…. there’s Ina Garten (who I like even though she and Jeffrey have yet to invite me  over) … and now there’s ANKE.   In keeping with the  summer of healthy eating I want to tell you Anke’s Fit Bakery and her stuff is awesome.   I’ve also been discussing this around town, and I’m hearing similar stories from other agents whose summer tenants are being subjected to random shakedowns in The Dunes.    Perhaps this is just all a bunch of misunderstandings but bouncers on the beach?!!!   Stay tuned.



Shunning refined flour for her baked goods, Anke uses spelt flour, whole oats and other organic ingredients because, “Ingestion of refined flours elevates the potential for heart disease, stroke, cancer and obesity.  The health risks can be reduced by using whole grain flours instead of refined flours.”  My personal favorite is Anke’s Chocolate Loaf cake make with coco and a bunch of good stuff.   But you would never know it, I would swear it’s Entenmann’s!    Marie Claire, Tracy Anderson, the East Hampton Star and a bunch of other publications will attest to the fact I speak the truth.   So check out the website or go visit Anke at the Sag Harbor Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning.  You and your gut wont’ regret it!!!  Now, back to the treadmill!

I love “30 Rock” and Alec Baldwin too…. 10 friendliest in the Hamptons!!! Plus Almond has new location!

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for about two weeks. I was reading the NY Post last week (no I don’t pay for it)!and once again harping on Alec Baldwin for claiming residency in the Hamptons. I don’t know why the press has this tendency to be so harsh on him but I can tell you for sure, Alec Baldwin lives in the Hamptons… and yes YEAR ROUND.

You always see him around and he’s very supportive of all things Hamptons. From Guild Hall to Bay Street Theatre to the Hamptons International Film Festival. He dines at the restaurants on Wednesday nights in February when it’s usually two other people in the place. He’s often quiet but never rude and always a gentleman.

I also have a soft spot for him, not just because I love “30 Rock” but also because he did something really kind for a friend of mine’s mother. My college roommate had the misfortune of being onboard the crash of Swiss Air 111. Shortly after the accident his mom was in NY organizing some things when she ran into Mr. Baldwin. He spent almost a half hour chatting her up, making her day and completely unaware of the circumstances. Cheers! You’re a cool guy Alec. There are other celebrities who deserve to be picked on… he’s not one of them.

So this had me thinking. I’ve met a lot of celebrities in my TV days and ton here out in the Hamptons. There were some I liked and some I thought were complete jerks (#1 Mira Sorvino). But the question we’re addressing.. who are the cool and nice celebs in the Hamptons?! Here’s my top 10!

#1 Alec Baldwin… See above!
#2 Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick… SJP because she thought she remembered me and Peter… we never met before. And Matthew Broderick because I saw him smiling to a group on the street one day who kept calling him “Ferris Bullauh!”
#3 Julie Andrews… never met her but she’s Mary Poppins! She has to be nice!
#4 Lorraine Bracco… cool lady, makes great wine and pitches in to help the domestic violence center THE RETREAT!
#5 Matt Lauer… see previous blog about him taking the Polar Plunge!
#6 Jon Bon Jovi…. he goes to spin class and doesn’t grunt and act pompous like a certain annoying, grunting, skinny academy award winner!
#7 Ina Garten…. the coconut cupcakes! Is she nice?! I have no clue.. but did I mention the coconut cupcakes?!
#8 Paul McCartney…. I never met him but always hear good stories about him from all the folks in town. He used to frequent Nichols in East Hampton, although I never saw him there. But I will tell you, I wouldn’t go to Nichols if I were Paul McCartney.
#9 Kelsey Grammer … nice to all at the various charity events. Was seen partying with my mother in law Mimi at the Bay Street Gala a few years ago!
#10 George Stephanopoulos…. why is he here?! Well I saw Good Morning America this morning and I feel bad for him. Add Robin Roberts to the list too. They’re both too talented for such Today show rehash. Also sympathy for having to look at Sam Champion’s International Male outfits at company functions!

Not so nice!? The domestic goddess, the writer of that book where Michael J. Fox starred in the movie… The guy from Watergate and the grammy winner.

FINALLY!!! I have information that Almond formerly of Bridgehampton has a new location! They’ll be going into the old OLD STOVE PUB in Wainscott. My source is highly reliable but it’s not Eric Lemonides the owner. But I trust this source enough to say, drinks are on me if that’s not where it’s going. Apparently after a bid for the very quiet Copa went south.. the new loacation has been found! See you there soon!!!

Tomorrow advice on Valentines Day!

I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception!!!

Ironic, one of my favorite Marx Brothers lines came to mind last night (see today’s headline). But no I didn’t say it! I was enjoying my dinner in the basement of 1770 House last night when a rather loud woman next to me was extolling the virtues of a certain “News” channel. She claimed it was the only one that gave viewers the “whole story.” I nearly lost it! Now, I can’t get into it for legal reasons but I did give her a piece of my mind and tried to educate her to the best of my ability. I mean, she had a sort of “sapphic” (not that there is anything wrong with that) look to her and to me she seemed like a chicken defending Colonel Sanders. I don’t think it worked.

Anyway, if you get a chance, go to 1770 house. They have one of the best prix fixe dinners around. You can order from the pub menu in the basement or from the upstairs menu. Either way, I love it and it’s a great deal! $35 for a three course meal or $19.95 for a two course off of the pub menu. On the pub menu is the meatloaf that the Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten twittered was the best she ever had. I have to say, I agree! Anyway, if you want to make reservations or get more details at www.1770house.com and I hope for your sake there is no Faux News on!

And now speaking of the Marx Brothers… this coming Saturday Bay Street Theatre will be showing “MONKEY BUSINESS!” It’s no “Night at the Opera” but any Marx Brothers is a good Marx Brothers. Admission is $5 or you can throw in a dinner at the American Hotel for $25 including the movie ticket. Now that’s an awesome deal if you ask me. (The American Hotel 631-725-3535)

Finally, if you’re having computer trouble STAPLES in Bridgehampton is doing free computer cleanups. They’ll help you defrag your computer, scan for viruses and get it running smooth in no time at all. It’s free so don’t let them sell you anything except for one of the “EASY” buttons! I love those!!

Hello sweeties!!!

So I’ve been in the Hamptons full time now for about 6 years and I’m still sane. While there are some things I don’t miss at all about NYC, the noise, the traffic and Time Warner Cable (“we’ll be there sometime between 8am and 6pm”). One thing I do miss is a good cupcake. I used to live down the street from SOUTINE bakery on W.70th and every now and then would stop by for one of their buttery creamy treats. While they were good, my favorites were always CRUMBS and CUPCAKE CAFE.

Now, I know there is a debate raging about MAGNOLIA BAKERY vs. CUPCAKE CAFE but to me it’s no contest. I prefer buttery over super sugary sweet and CUPCAKE CAFE is the winner. Now, my dilemma… there is no debate over cupcakes going on in the Hamptons there are only two choices. Citarella and Mary’s Marvelous. Yes, there are some from CRUMBS in the city available at Scoop Du Jour but only on weekends and I’m a full-time purist folks!!! But let’s not get off track here!!!

Citarella’s aren’t bad, they’re actually pretty good but they’re not in the same league as the ones from MARY’S MARVELOUS in Amagansett!!! Mary’s cupcakes are the best in town now…. this because Ina Garten shuttered the BAREFOOT CONTESSA a few years ago! But you know Mary’s hold their own. Her coconut cupcakes are my favorite and just as good as Ina’s were back in the day! Now I know Ina now sells here mixes at the grocery store but these confections are always awful! but that’s not Ina’s fault, I cant cook even with a mix!

In short Mary’s cupcakes are indeed MARVELOUS!!! So are her Scones and most everything else in the shop as well. So why am I thinking about cupcakes? Because I’m trying to cut out the carbs and cupcakes are all I can think of! Oh and my cousin Eileen’s home made sticky buns!!! Hello Jenny Craig!