The Must Have Gadgets for Your Hamptons Summer 2014!

So, it’s the first day of April… and I was hoping to put some humorous April Fools joke here on the old blog but alas I can’t think of anything that would be really funny.   For example, I was going to say the Kardashians are coming to the Hamptons… but as we all know the joke is on us and they are REALLY COMING!   So, if you think about it, nothing is as funny as the truth in the Hamptons!   So, that’s why I’m just going to start think positive thoughts and start my countdown to summer.

One of the things I like doing this time of year is peruse the catalogs and websites for some cool stuff for this coming summer.    You know, the must have conversation pieces for this summer BBQ or pool party!   So, here are some of my favorites for the Summer 2014 in no particular order.

THE GRASS PRINTER:  This gadget makes it possible to mow graphics or messages right onto your lawn!  It’s also ideal for real estate agents when the owner won’t let you post a sign.  “That’s fine but you really do need your lawn cut for the open house.   Do you mind if I take care of it for you?”  Now the lawn says “FOR SALE – CALL FOR APPOINTMENT.”    Just imagine how good my profile will look in Kentucky Blue Grass!   Apparently this gadget won some “Red Dot Design” concept and while I’m not sure what exactly that means, I guess it’s good.   I also imagine setting this loose on my neighbor’s lawn that’s overgrown saying “cut me!”   There’s no information right now on cost but you can click the link here for more information.

THE WINE LOCK:  This is the perfect device for those of who have housemates who like to take a nip here or there without bothering to replace the vino!   Why they didn’t have this when I was in college I’ll never know.   But for $21.99 a lock, I could have protected my six packs for a around $125 bucks!   While I’m not really sure I need this in my house,  I would strongly suggest it as a house warming gift for anyone doing a group share.    You can buy these right now on AMAZON…. but I have no idea if they’ll sell them in bulk.

THE OUTDOOR TV:  If you’re like me you miss going to the drive-in theatre during the summer months.   But as they say, everything old is new again.   For a mere $7000 bucks, you can get a weatherproof 65″ LED TV to put up in the back yard or post on the front of your garage!    The TV is operational in temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as 20 degrees below.   Also great for kids who won’t go outside to see friends… now they can be antisocial and play video games in the outdoors!     It’s the must have for Hamptons couch potatoes!   Here’s the link for more info!

DJI PHANTOM VISION 2:    Oh, if only Gladys Kravitz had been alive for this one!   It’s a complete aerial camera system that transmits images directly to your smartphone!      It’s the best way to see if your neighbors are having a better summer than you without having to fish for a lunch invitation!    You can fly for up to 25 minutes on a single charge and it also comes with a GPS return to home device.   It’s available now for only $1,999.00 from B&H Photo.

THE SKYBELL:   Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to have a butler answer the door and send away all of those unwanted house guests!  Luckily, we have the SkyBell Wifi Doorbell.   No, this isn’t  an exclusive offering from Sky Mall but I’m sure they have it there too!   You can see, speak to and send away those guest while sipping a margarita in your pool.. via your smart phone!    It’s also perfect for ignoring Jehovah’s Witnesses, Girl Scouts and Amway sales people.     It’s available online from Amazon or directly from SkyBell for about $200 bucks.   To me it’s a no brainer, why do I have to stop watching my outdoor TV, while spying on my neighbors and drinking from my locked bottle of wine while relaxing on my lawn that says “go away” to answer the stupid door!    Hey, I can’t wait for the summer of ’14!