More Advice for Renovating on a Budget… from Libby Langdon!

Once again a special thanks to the amazingly talented Libby Langdon.    Check out the video and make sure to pick up her book LIBBY LANGDON’S SMALL SPACE SOLUTIONS from Amazon.   It really has some great ideas.  Pick it up you won’t regret it!!

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Art Hampton.. the poor man’s edition… Plus Helpful Hints for Sellers!!!

Kerplunk!! Fun AND exciting!

So while traffic continues to be the worst it’s ever been (yeah, I know I say it every year but sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on 114!?).   I’ve had plenty of time while sitting in my car to observe my surroundings.   One of the things I’ve noticed lately is how much people in the Hamptons love art.  I mean this is the land of Pollack and deKooning right?  It only makes sense.  But considering my idea of art is a cat doing chin ups saying “hang in there baby,” I sometimes have a hard time deciphering what the heck some of this stuff is…   take for example the following two pieces.    I’m sure they were expensive but what are they?   I have my own interpretation!     This first one, I call Kerplunk…. named after one of my favorite childhood games!

YIKES!  It’s going to attack!

Then low and behold… my favorite new addition to the Hamptons gallery!  The three Headed Dragon! Are there any more great works I’m missing, feel free to e mail and let me know!   This is located in front of Guild Hall in East Hampton.   I apologize to any of the artists responsible for these works but I only took Art History 101….. and I got a “C.”   Gosh, I don’t know why but I hear Helen Reddy in my head every time I see this thing!    In fact, I’m going to rent “Pete’s Dragon” tonight!

It’s hard to believe but it’s been 12 years since I sold my first property as a professional real estate agent.   But as much as things change, they’ve also remained the same.      One of the constants is a well maintained and modern kitchen helps a house sell!    Every now and then I’ll go to an open house and see a kitchen that hasn’t been touched since ’73 and the agents remarks,  “it has great potential.”    I always want to retort “if you’re an arsonist!”   But alas, being the good agent I am I bite my tongue.

But if you’re thinking of selling your house and don’t want to spend a fortune to renovate, what are you to do!?  Well lucky for you, my friend designer Libby Langdon has some really great ideas.    So here’s some free advice on updating your kitchen without spending a bundle.