FOR RENTAGAIN!??? A few days ago, I got an inquiry about one of my rental listings.    While this is pretty common this time of year, what was unusual is that the inquiry came from a young woman in the city who apparently had been in communication with “me.”   Lucky for her, she accidently deleted the email chain and had to google “me” to make contact again.  The only problem is she was not corresponding with me but rather someone who had cloned my rental listing online and placed a short term rental ad on Craigslist.    It’s sad but this is not the first time this has happened to me.    Apparently this person was charging $500/night for 6+ bedroom house south of the highway with the money due upfront.   Hey, once again if it looks too good to be true kids…. it’s probably a scam.     Meanwhile, I encouraged her to either use a broker or even look at sites like VRBO and skip Craigslist.     In the end I alerted to Craigslist to this fraudulent ad and 5 days later, they’ve yet to remove it.     I know I didn’t post it nor did the owner of the house.     Meanwhile, if any of you are planning to impersonate me online….. can you at least give me six pack abs in any of the photos?

Now after dealing with all of this drama, I’m going to spend some time relaxing and go cruising on Instagram.    I mean, what better way to appreciate the Hamptons than eating cookies, lying on the sofa and seeing how much more fun everyone else is having!!?   But before I tell you who I’m following, feel free to follow me at @PJMHAMPTONS.     You can learn all about my dogs, Tate’s cookies and my latest properties for sale.

@roundswampfarm & @loavesandfishesfoodstore –  The ultimates in Hamptons food porn!   I mean how else would you learn that the Jalapeno Bean Burger is back or th

Lisa’s Raspberry cookie @roundswamnpfarm

at you need an almond cheese danish!?

@hamptonsrealestateshowcase – a quick peek at some of the newest and best real estate properties around.

@thewatermillcenter – The center that hosts one of the funkiest events of the summer also gives you an amazing look into some cutting edge art pieces via their Instagram posts.   Featuring everything from Lady Gaga to well, who knows this is a must follow.

@hamptonscarspotter – exotic, classic and anything that looks cool on wheels is featured in this east end account.   So far, they’ve not yet featured my 14 year old Jeep Sahara with 100k miles but hey the summer is still young.

@libbylangdon – Libby is an interior designer and TV personality with quick ideas for making your home a little more “Hamptons.”   Her sunny and perky and informative posts will wake you up faster than two cups of espresso!

@modelbartenders – if you don’t have good looking friends you might as well have some good looking staff.  RIGHT?! Ok, technically this is a NYC based account but they do serve the Hamptons and it features models!  EYE CANDY!

@truth_training – you’ll never get to be a @modelbartender unless you work out like the folks on this account.   I find it so inspiring I’m going to do some kettlebell lifts right after I finish the cinnamon roll from @roundswampfarm.  Seriously though there is some great information about their classes and ideas for fighting flab.

The new book by @justfredericoazevedo


@hedgeshamptons – meet the brokers, celebrity news and go behind the hedges (get it?) of some of the most stunning homes you can’t afford.      Yep, its total real estate porn and worth following!

@justfredericoazevedo and @hollander_design – two of the hottest landscape designers around!     Be inspired by Frederico Azevedo and Ed Hollander or just be wowed by their stunning landscape designs.   It’s like a walk in the park without leaving your sofa… or your Tate’s cookies.

@gimmeshelteranimalrescue – Cuteness overload and they’re all available for adoption!  Share some of their posts and maybe you can get a furry fur legged friend a home.

@Mecoxbaydairy – it’s a glimpse into country living at its best.   Cheese.  MMMMMMM… CHEEEESSEEE.   Oh and there’s also COWS!   Who doesn’t like looking at the face of a cow!!?  Of course, unless it’s before your going to LT Burger.


@mecoxbaydairy … COWS!




More Advice for Renovating on a Budget… from Libby Langdon!

Once again a special thanks to the amazingly talented Libby Langdon.    Check out the video and make sure to pick up her book LIBBY LANGDON’S SMALL SPACE SOLUTIONS from Amazon.   It really has some great ideas.  Pick it up you won’t regret it!!

UPDATE:  I keep hearing it’s hard to post messages or comments on the blog.  Please e mail me at with your comments, questions or otherwise and I’ll make sure it gets posted!   Thanks P.

Art Hampton.. the poor man’s edition… Plus Helpful Hints for Sellers!!!

Kerplunk!! Fun AND exciting!

So while traffic continues to be the worst it’s ever been (yeah, I know I say it every year but sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on 114!?).   I’ve had plenty of time while sitting in my car to observe my surroundings.   One of the things I’ve noticed lately is how much people in the Hamptons love art.  I mean this is the land of Pollack and deKooning right?  It only makes sense.  But considering my idea of art is a cat doing chin ups saying “hang in there baby,” I sometimes have a hard time deciphering what the heck some of this stuff is…   take for example the following two pieces.    I’m sure they were expensive but what are they?   I have my own interpretation!     This first one, I call Kerplunk…. named after one of my favorite childhood games!

YIKES!  It’s going to attack!

Then low and behold… my favorite new addition to the Hamptons gallery!  The three Headed Dragon! Are there any more great works I’m missing, feel free to e mail and let me know!   This is located in front of Guild Hall in East Hampton.   I apologize to any of the artists responsible for these works but I only took Art History 101….. and I got a “C.”   Gosh, I don’t know why but I hear Helen Reddy in my head every time I see this thing!    In fact, I’m going to rent “Pete’s Dragon” tonight!

It’s hard to believe but it’s been 12 years since I sold my first property as a professional real estate agent.   But as much as things change, they’ve also remained the same.      One of the constants is a well maintained and modern kitchen helps a house sell!    Every now and then I’ll go to an open house and see a kitchen that hasn’t been touched since ’73 and the agents remarks,  “it has great potential.”    I always want to retort “if you’re an arsonist!”   But alas, being the good agent I am I bite my tongue.

But if you’re thinking of selling your house and don’t want to spend a fortune to renovate, what are you to do!?  Well lucky for you, my friend designer Libby Langdon has some really great ideas.    So here’s some free advice on updating your kitchen without spending a bundle.