It’s snowing again!  So I guess that’s why my brain is now frozen. Yes, I’m falling into my “Arctic Funk.”  But I’m trying desperately to find a way to work my way through it.  I’m remaining positive and focusing on the good stuff.

I want to dress like a food wrapper!

work through it.   In fact, I’m not even going to mention my strained back or the exorbitant bills from the driveway plowing or the fact I have half-fast inter net… thank you very much Cablevision!   Today, I’m  going on a stream of conscious blogging adventure.  It’s cathartic for me…. kind of like Katy Perry dressing like a bag of Wonder Bread or Cheetos and dancing with a shark.   I would have preferred if she had gone dancing with the Jets to be honest!   So, today if you’re looking for some sort of thematic thread from Hamptons Chatter (the most inconsistent blog in the Hamptons) forget it!   Go read somewhere else!

Wainscott Wine and Spirits… Facebook Photo

It’s Winesday/Wednesday according to Kathie Lee and Hoda!  So what better way to celebrate the hallowed hump day festivities then getting your buzz on!    Starting February 25th, Chimene Visser Macnaughton will be hosting a series of wine tasting events at  Wainscott Wine and Spirits.   Some of the topics to be discussed  will be “You say Spumanti, I say Frizzanti” and “Tresors of the Loire Valley.”   Classes start at 5:30p in the store located located at 354 Montauk Highway, Wainscott… in the shopping center right next to the Seafood Shop.   Call the store a 631-537-5800 to register or e mail them at WAINSCOTTMAIN@gmail.com.   The cost is $10 and that’s a bargain for some good wine and mingling with your Hamptons neighbors!  Hopefully I’ll see you there and as the old Liza Minellli song goes, “life is a Cabernet!”

Finally some food news… the restaurant formerly known as “Nichols” has a new tenant.   A sign has now appeared that it’s going to be known as “Winston’s.”    While I don’t have a name of who exactly is opening the place, it’s apparently going to be a Lobster and Steak house.   After all the restaurants that bit the dust in the past 12 months (maybe I should write them all obituaries?), it’s good to finally hear someone is here to help fill the void!

Meanwhile is anyone else depressed that the former Peconic Coast…. JL East…. Beach House…. Hamptons Polo Club space is becoming a garden center?!    Cue the Barry Manilow song.

Is the Grill cooked… and we need a little Christmas in the Hamptons!

I know it’s been wayyyyyyyyy toooo long since my last blog. But hey, really… I’ve been busy. So anyway, what’s going on, let me see.

Last month, the GRILL ON PANTIGO, formerly Wei Fun quietly closed their door for the season. But while the sign on the door says “see you next spring” the rumor is that the reopening will be “Wei unlikely.” Apparently after an uneventful summer season, the owners have quietly but the business and the building on the block for a cool $5,000,000. I asked the management will they be reopening next spring and they claim they’ll be there come warm weather… we’ll see. While the inside space is pretty awesome, the food there just didn’t cut the mustard…. or the house specialty rubber chicken (It made airplane food look good). I know it’s not the location because before it was Wei Fun it was O’Malley’s which was in the location for almost 20 years. Whatever it was O’Malley’s was packed every night year round, let’s hope the owners can get it right with the next incarnation.

Meanwhile, what’s up with the lack of festivity in the Hamptons. I decided I was going to try and spot some of the best decorated windows around town from Montauk to Southampton. So you know how many windows I found worth discussing? 3! Yep, that’s it folks three windows. Somewhere the Grinch is smiling about the humbuggery in the Hamptons. So who is worth discussing this holiday season?

Well, JCrew for one… it’s festive its fun and it looks like it took more than 20 minutes to put together! Yeah J Crew.

The other two are Ralph Lauren (we’ll say all three stores) look awesome. But what else would you expect from the brand that ate the Hamptons. It’s chic and unassuming and puts you in the holiday mood. So if your in East Hampton, check out Rugby, Polo Kids and the Polo stores.

Finally, I loved COMERFORDS windows in Bridgehampton. It’s a funky metal Christmas tree in lights and a snow covered terrain that looks like it was made from old window shades. Totally cool and very innovative, the window is one of the funkiest in the Hamptons. So anyway, I’m trying to get more organized and get more blogs up. Please be patient and happy holidays everyone!!!

Why some people just hate the Hamptons Buzz!

Well it’s been a few weeks since I sat down and blogged but I’m back after a brief hiatus. It was the end of the summer here and I just needed some time to breathe and enjoy the east end. The crazy crowds are gone and the planes, helicopters and sea planes have gone south for the winter. Speaking of the air traffic. A group of local citizens are calling themselves the “QUIET SKIES COALITION.” Their mission is to do something about the ever increasing air traffic on the east end. According the group summer traffic at East Hampton Airport is about the same as Islip! Which according to the group is all the more absurd because it’s a “FAA UNCONTROLLED AIRPORT” subject to no local regulation. Considering the volume they have, they believe it’s a disaster waiting to happen or at the very least get worse. There is also some concern about the property values of those who lie in the path of these planes and Sikorsky helicopters. Anyway, if you want more information about the Quiet Skies Coalition you can e mail them at info@quietskiescoalition.org or visit the website www.quietskiescoalition.org.

Meanwhile, most of this summer I have avoided the new Mexican restaurant Agave in Bridgehampton. Well I’ve since gone their twice and I will say the talk about it is a little unfair. While it’s not Rosa Mexicana, it is a definite improvement over the food at Blue Parrot. The chips were freshly fried, the service friendly and responsive. I’ve tried the enchiladas and the fajitas at Agave and I’ll say both were pretty good. The chicken fajitas were my personal favorite and were perfectly done with a generous portion. So while I can’t say you should run to Agave, I will say if you want a casual night out with some good Mexican food head there and just enjoy it for what it is… a decent night out in the Hamptons.


Thanks to my friend Peter McCracken for his contribution (he wrote it) of today’s blog!!! Shelter Island scares me but luckily I have Peter to guide me from the north to south ferries:

I had dinner at the new La Maison Blanche, formerly the Olde Country Inn, on Shelter Island. The newly renovated Inn & restaurant was fresh and up to date with a bistro style restaurant. The restaurant and lounge has a modern beach chic twist to it and a handsome crowd. The menu includes fresh local seafood and the always favorite steak frites. The bar, small but intimate, has a fireplace and a separate lounge with comfortable seating areas. There is also a large front porch with seating. The best feature is the new bakery that features fresh brewed coffee, pain au chocolate, croissants and baguettes freshly baked each morning starting at 6:00 a.m. There are 8 comfortable rooms with queen or king size beds if you wish to stay over. A soon to be addition will be the pool located in the garden…next summer! A new treat for Shelter Island and soon to be a popular hang out!

I think Peter liked it!!!