I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccck! Again. Today’s topic… an unsuspecting, devastating and very stylish looking danger in the Hamptons!!!

So, June was indeed a busy month for me.  But I’m not going to go into that.  I’ve got a few good blog postings in me and I promise I’ll try to get them out soon!  So where to begin?

Innocent looking… yes!?

Well, the thing that came to mind and got me back to my keyboard was a little tidbit that came from a friend who’s a volunteer fireman in Bridgehampton.    While I see many folks out there in the Hamptons pouring into Spanks and hiking the beach in Christian Louboutin’s all for the sake of appearances.  Where am I going with this?  Well, the town of East Hampton just bought matching Moncler outfits for their entire fire department!  Just kidding.   Let me get back to my point that is really actually quite off point.

Well you know those shiny candle lanterns that adorn so many Hamptons landscapes, well apparently they’re  deadly?  Ok, well maybe not deadly but they created a virtual TOWERING INFERNO the other day in Bridgehampton that would do Irwin Allen proud!   Apparently one home owner left one of these stylish and sleek adornments outside during last weeks heat wave.  The problem was the glass on the lantern acted as a sort of magnifying glass and burned a hole right in the side of the unsuspecting homeowners beautiful cedar shake abode!  YIKES!   Talk about a need for some Restoration Hardware… get it?

Finally, a little chuckle from the crazy tenants file!  You know that red switch for the furnace and hot water heater?  Well in some of the older homes, these switches look like something more out of Doctor Frankensteins lab.  I mean Dr. Frankunsteen’s lab.   Anyway, its a bad place for your wife to hang her purse!  Because when you hang a purse on the switch, it goes down and the furnace goes off and you have no hot water.  It’s that simple.  You’re a CEO and you needed me to figure that one out?!  Just saying!

Security Concerns for Dummies in Bridgehampton!

We all know that Joe Farrell is making plenty of money these days.  But my question is does he really need a full time security guard to stand in his windows!?   But wait, that’s no ordinary security guard.   The said security guard is always there with his arms crossed and the same lifeless expression on his face.   Hmmmm, could it be in fact that this guard is indeed lifeless?   I walked up to the window the snap a few pics because I was suspect and low and behold no reaction, no movement.  In fact, he should get a job at Madame Toussaud’s.   If anyone has the answers, let me know.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t had a chance to stop by Greek Bites in Southampton you should.   Friends of mine encouraged me to stop by and get some stuff to go but that’s a little far for me to do a quick drive-by.  So instead I decided to stop in and try it out.   My review on a scale from 1-5 is a solid 4.    The moussaka and fried zucchini that I tried were awesome.   The atmostphere was pleasant and certianly a big improvement over Meson Ole!  So, in conclusion don’t be afraid to try something new!  Greek Bites is located on County Rd. 39, in Southampton.   631-488-4388.


Southampton’s latest spin studio!

It’s seems like every day there’s a new spin studio coming to town. Well the latest is in Southampton and it’s called Hard Core Cycling. I haven’t had a chance to go to the new studio but a few of my friends have said it’s awesome. They feature the REAL-RYDER bikes which actually turn and move and give you a better core workout than your standard spin bike. According to their website, ”

CORE Leaders will guide you through moves, and turns that will begin to strengthen and condition your body, while practicing the fundamentals of CORE training, form and balance. Here, you will train and elevate your performance to get to that next level.” Classes start at about $25 and are less if you buy multiple passes. Located on Rt. 27 and North Sea Rd. Check out their website for more details.