Ralph plays a new game of Polo… Old Stove gets a few searing reviews… plus snapshots from Parish Spring Fling!

Ralph Hampton! Polo’s new street Position
In spite of the Arctic blasts we are currently experiencing, summer prepping is in the air.    One of the more notable changes happening right now is the overhaul of the old Ralph Lauren Rugby store.  If you thought for a second the King of East Hampton would be relinquishing any of his main street real estate, you would be wrong!    It turns out the site will not become a home furnishing store as long suspected but rather a Polo store.    The designer is keeping his location across the street where he’ll continue to sell his higher end wears such as “Purple Label.”   Look for the new POLO store to open by the end of this week!
So just in case you forgot just HOW many stores Ralph owns in town, let’s count these together; the original store, the children’s store, the vintage store and now the polo store… oh and let’s throw in his daughter Dylan’s Candy shop and according to some rumors he actually owns the historic village hall?!?!?    One man single handily keeping the Hamptons economy strong.  The only problem I have with all of this is that it’s not me.  The least he could do is give the whole town a friends and family discount!
Meanwhile,  I’m always looking for a great new place to chow down on the
East End.   Well, recently I said to some friends, “how about the Old Stove Pub in Wainscott?”   Well, after four personal and blistering critiques, my friend Simon said to check out the Yelp reviews for the restaurant.  Normally I have to go to the police blotter in Dan’s to get such entertainment.   So what is the consensus?  I’m now highlighting some of my favorite comments for you.  Now, mind you I’ve not yet been to the new Old Stove Pub and I’m hoping to try it myself sometime before the summer.   Here’s hoping I have a better experience and they get it together.   Now for those too lazy to read their own reviews of the restaurant, the cliff notes version.
“The good-the host was friendly and the spanakopita was fantastic…. The bad they killed the cow twice!”  Krystyna H
“Just close Old Stove Pub, it would make a cute antique shop.”  Scott S.
“I wish there was a choice of zero stars… the veggie side dishes were covered in parsley, after our dinner mate had clearly told the server that we had a major parsley allergy at the table.   Fun times!”   Lisa H.
“How can you serve a salad that is still frozen the center?  It took 2 hours before our food was served.”  Allan G.
“Just before our food arrived they served us one piece of random something in a dish that looked like a pig ear.”   Hampton E.

Wow, I haven’t seen these kind of reviews since Sylvester Stallone did King Lear on Broadway.  Anyway, there’s still time to fix this before the season starts guys.   I’ll see you soon but remember, I didn’t write these reviews!!Meanwhile, the Parish Art Museum held their sold out annual Spring Fling this Saturday.  So I took my camera and snapped a few of the merry makers at the event!


Debra Halpert, Christine Curiale


Kelly O’Halloran


Tommy Hill and Ruth Katz
Ken Wyse, Mary Slattery, Andy Volet, John Leonard
Jim Saladino and Elaine Hammond


David Gilmartin, Robin Long

A Dilemna in Dune Alpin or Preturbed over Ponies!

Some residents of East Hampton’s Dune Alpin are hopping mad!!! What’s their beef? Well according to gossips*, the head of the home owners association gave the OK for a local group to use the agricultural reserve that’s located between Horse Meadow and 27 permission to practice polo. While personally, I think it’s great. I don’t have to schlep to Bridgehampton, put on a cheap plastic bracelet that cuts my circulation and wait in line with the Loser Housewives of wherever! I can take my bottle of seltzer water and go watch on the sidelines without the crowd. If you don’t know the field, normally this time of year it’s knee high with grass and pretty pristine. The owners miss the grass and hate the horse poop especially since a polo field is not a “reserve.” An owners association meeting was held last Sunday night to debate the problem, if I get some answers I’ll let you know.

Also, your chance to help out a good cause and go to one of the coolest cocktail parties of the summer. Gerry Logue and Sean Cassidy are holding their annual Cocktails by the Bay to benefit MIRACLE HOUSE. WWW.MIRACLEHOUSE.ORG ! VISIT THE WEBSITE TO PURCHASE TICKETS. I promise a great time and an awesome silent auction. Plus you can schmooze with actress Joan Allen. I hope to see you there!

* I did not fact check the story… I’m just telling you what I heard!

East Hampton is open… so is the rest of the Hamptons! Except for CHASE!

So, a quick blog today. I was out and about town today. While most of the Hamptons is open; you can buy madras pants at JCrew or get a new Polo at Ralph Lauren there are a few things you can’t do. You can’t walk into a real estate office, relax everyone nobody is looking at houses today. You also can’t do any banking at CHASE! Apple Bank is open. North Fork is open. But Chase is closed!!! HUH?! There’s another reason I hate this bank!!! Anyway, here are some pictures of what’s going on around town.. let’s start with the closed Chase Bank!

Jon plus 8… in the Hamptons they hate!!

I’ve been busy, now leave me alone! But I’m here blogging, ain’t I!?!?!

You may have missed me… but things haven’t changed much. I did get a big chuckle this morning when my friend John Pascarella who does his daily gossip blurb which he sends to my blackberry had this headline… “DISASTER! Jon Gosselin (Jon and Kate Plus 8) was nearly LAUGHED out of a swanky Hamptons event!” I love that!!! Apparently this reality star who has never heard of Rick Rockwell or Darva Conger… if you haven’t either “google”… is taking himself a bit too seriously! Not looking to win any father of the year contests (his kids are hanging in PA), he was cruising at Polo this weekend in Bridgehampton and apparently got heckled for wearing cheap clothes! Funny when it happens to him… obnoxious when it happens to me!!! Anyway, I poked around and got another scoop, Mr. Gosselin was shocked when he asked a group of folks if they wanted to have their picture taken with them, when they asked “WHY?” he did a quick bee-line to the other side of the tent. Curious about Jon’s outfit.. which doesn’t look that awful; go to


They made fun of that?!?! If you think that’s bad go search out the photos of the centenarian hippies boogeying at that fun fest known as the “Bay Street Gala.” To quote Rodney Dangerfield, they all “must have been something before electricity!”

Finally, some fun photos. Gerry Logue and Sean Cassidy … no relation to David … held there annual “Cocktails by the Bay” at their waterfront home in Sag Harbor benefiting Miracle House (www.miraclehouse.org). Check out the photos below. It was really a special event on a beautiful night. My only regret… I didn’t get my photo taken with Joan Allen… A REAL CELEBRITY!