Rodent sees shadow and Sag is trying to make Winter fun!

Whenever I try to think about Groundhog Day, I always get the feeling the results are never right! But then again I think this holiday was best described by Bill Murray’s character Phil in GROUNDHOG DAY.

“RITA:” You’re missing all the fun. These people are great! Some of them have been partying all night long. They sing songs til they get too cold and then they go sit by the fire and get warm and then they come back and sing some more.
“PHIL:” Yeah, they’re HICKS Rita.

Hmmmm, I think Bill was right but still everyone, even sophisticated types ask, “Did THE Groundhog see his shadow?” Well stop holding your breath… the groundhog in question Punxatony (do you really care if I spell this right?)didn’t see his shadow. So now Phil will have some free time to go see “Black Swan” or was it look at a black swan, hmmmmmmm? Anyway according to legend we can all head to the beach next week!

Well until next week when we can put on our Bikinis you can indulge in Sag Harbor’s first “Harbor Frost!” The village will be hosting Ice Sculpting ,” Fireworks by Grucci, “Fire and Ice” promotions at retailers, $20.11 prix fixe menus, a POLAR BEAR PLUNGE OFF LONG WARF and what I see as the highlight… a walking historical ghost tour of Sag Harbor Village.

Yeah, we know it seems more like a Halloween event than Groundhog day time but I still watch Ghost Hunters in August! That’s why I, along with the rest of the Sag Harbor Prudential Douglas Elliman office will be sponsoring a FREE tour which will start at 6:45p sharp in our office at 138 Main St. The tour will be led by Tony Garro of the Sag Harbor Historical Society and Annette Hinkle from the Sag Harbor express. In addition to our two leaders, we’ll have a spiritualist who will help us get some additional dirt from those who are currently six feet under the dirt!!!

One the properties we’re hoping to visit will be the former home of Robertson Realty, PDE and now currently Wellnest on Main Street. Several sane agents who I know and
respect have told me creepy tales of doors slamming, items moving and a very old woman who likes to hang out dressed in 19Th Century dress on the third floor. It’s really creepy stuff and to be honest, I’ve heard it from too many people to totally think it’s just one persons imagination. So come join us Saturday 6:45p while we party with Gozer and the Key Master!!!

For more details on Harborfest go to the following link for more details:

Finally two quick blind items about Hamptons real estate
This agent definitely likes Brown but should actually be afraid of blue and especially those folks in blue who’ve been put on notice. Apparently when said agent left their last gig at another company the cops in blue were called in to stand by in case. Management thought said peRson was a little off and might try something a bit wacky! Any guesses?

Now number two; this agent may look like his/her two dogs but that doesn’t mean they’re cute and lovable. In fact this person goes to the E. Hampton dog park and always seems to start a scuffle. Now dog lovers are running the other way every time this newly promoted agent comes by. YEAH, YOU KNOW WHO!

Things I learned this Summer ! Plus …Kickin’ butt on the web!

So what did I learn the past summer in the Hamptons? TONS… let me share with you a few of the things.

1) Free internet exists on the Long Island Expressway! All you have to do is drive the two hours behind the Jitney and your Zip Car is now an office on wheels! Send e mails… do research and look at actor Mark Feurstein (They guy from Royal Pains- I don’t know him either) for the entire two hours! Thank you Hampton Jitney and please only use this service when your a passenger!!! DID I REALLY NEED TO SAY THAT!? YEP! Speaking of which…

2) You must assume every driver during the summer is texting while driving. I’ve seen more Range Rovers plow through cross walks this summer than ever before. I’m surprised more people weren’t killed this summer all because someone had to tell their girlfriend they were “LOL”-ing!

3) Jodi Della Famina ruined every single back of the road “short cut” in the Hamptons! Traffic now get’s backed up on Scuttle Hole Road on a TUESDAY!! #$****$#!!

4) Thursday is the new Friday and Monday is the new Sunday. How come when I worked in the city, I had to work every Friday and Monday? (Insert working at Roy Rogers joke here) What do these people do for a living? I mean is everyone a trust funder??!

5) There’s a new word in the Hamptons vocabulary. It’s called Madoffreude! It’s kind of like Schadenfreude .. you know where people derive pleasure from the misfortunes of others. Madoffreude is taking great pleasure in the fact that someone you know of got ripped off by Bernie Madoff.

Wasn’t it just a great summer!?

Finally a little bragging about where I work. I’m a little biased yes, but Prudential Dougals Elliman just launched it’s new $1,000,000+ web site this week and wow!! What am I talking about ?!?!? It’s a cross between facebook and cracK…the equivelent of real estate narcotics.. totally addicting! The full screen images, the tracking of listings and the fact that it also has the listings from PDE and other companies as well really makes this a game changer! So if you’re thinking about searching for a property on say the UPPER WEST SIDE or Soho.. why go to 4 or 5 different websites you can look on just one! Cool huh!? Go to and register on the site to get updates about new listings that fit your criteria. You may want to pick an agent’s name when you register… AHEM… or not… either way go to site and check it out!

Tales from the Trenches… the renters and landlords from HELL!!! YES, they are true!!!

In case you weren’t aware, August 1st is High Noon in the Hamptons for real estate agents. WHY? Because it’s the day most of the rental customers move in for their end of the summer rentals. While real estate agents make more than say the girl at the Carvel, when people are paying some serious bucks the expectations are a little different. So, I did a little informal polling around town with home owners and a few agents from Prudential, Corcoran and the other guys and asked what are some of your favorite stories from the trenches. Here are a few of my personal favorites. The names have been changed to protect the stupid and innocent!

A TOAST TO THE BROKER: Friends of mine decided to rent their own home south of the highway for August and spend the month in Europe. They were relieved when they found a wealthy couple from out of state who would actually be moving in with their maid, butler and entire staff to look after their very pristine home. Well while their home was for the most part pristine the kitchen had issues. The issue? The toaster was sub par and required more than one cycle to get the bread golden brown. The irate renters insisted said landlords immediately get a new toaster that morning while they were “still having breakfast!” The landlord’s response was “Krups you!”

HALSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM: This comes from an agent who’s customers “The Smiths” have a bad short term memory and won’t settle for second best. Due to an influx of arriving renters and scheduling conflicts the agent “Halston” was unable to meet Mr & Mrs. Smith to let them in to their new August rental. No problem. They’ve been to the house before and Halston would leave them a key under the mat and meet them later to make sure everything is alright. Well the Smiths arrived and loved the house! “Halston, dont’ bother we’re fine… we’ll speak to you later if we have a problem!” Well two days later, “Halston we have a problem!” The Smiths were awoken early in the morning by the owners of the house! The homeowners were shocked to find someone sleeping in their beds! “Who are you people” the owners exclaimed!?” The Smiths were indignant and shocked, “we’re the people who rented this house!” There was only one problem, The Smith’s didn’t rent the house they rented the one next door!

GLEN OR GLENDA: What is an agent to do when he or she rents a home to someone who isn’t what they appear?! One broker went to the home at the owners request to find out who was the extra woman staying in their house?! They had rented it to a single gentleman who seemed to have shacked up and allowed a woman to move in without the landlords consent. Well imagine the surprise that nobody new had moved in. It was just a matter of the the tenants preference to wear heels and skirts while vacationing in the Hamptons. As if they’re weren’t already enough single women in the Hamptons!!!?

Finally a few quickie requests and complaints that agents have received over the past few years;

1) There is no hot water in the master shower… both knobs say cold!!
2) Can you help us change the light bulb in the night stand lamp, we’re not very mechanical!?
3) There are too many bugs in the back yard and there is no screened in porch, you need to do something!
4) Would the landlord mind cutting down the one tree? It’s blocking the late afternoon sun from the pool!
5) How would running the pool heater drain the propane tanks??!

Oh people, there are way more stories here to discuss. Perhaps I’ll have more in the days to come! But now you know why I haven’t blogged and what I’ve been dealing with!!!

Finally, to those folks that have that top agent representing their property. If they’re too busy to let another agent preview a $39 million dollar home, do you think they’re wasting their time showing your cheap $10 million dollar shack?! Any guesses who this broker is?

Signs of life…. and maybe a good Steak Frites in Sag Harbor!!

Well the cob webs and dust have been cleared at the former site of Jean “Ed Kleefeld” Luc’s former JLX bistro in Sag Harbor. Workmen are busy cleaning up the location for a new occupant and a “help wanted” sign is posted in the window. The team that brought you Trata in the city and Water Mill are opening a new “French Bistro.” The site doesn’t yet have a name but after speaking with one of the people responsible Peter Chris, it sounds like it’s going to be top notch! YEAH!!! I love that location and it bothered me to see it sitting there looking so sad! The interior according to Chris will pretty much stay the same as it was in the days of JLX. Actually that’s a good thing.. the interior was never the problem with that spot. My favorite story from JLX bistro was the day they had no gas for the sodas and told me to run across the street to the Vincenzo’s pizza if I wanted a diet coke. And you wonder why they’re no longer there.

On another note… it’s rare I write about one of our office listings but Gioia Dipaolo’s in the Prudential Dougals Elliman Sag Harbor office has one of the most spectacular properties I’ve seen in a long time. Built by Charles Rich builders.. the property is a designers dream residence in North Haven Point. It has just been completed. 6 bedrooms, 8.5 baths and every amenity including all the Green advantages you want for healthy, efficient living. Open kitchen/dining/gathering area with fireplace, gorgeous master suite with fireplace and sitting area, laundry room, heated gunite pool, community tennis and beaches. The property will also likely be Silver Star energy certified. PRETTY COOL. Here’s the link and check it out!