He’s movin’ out….but just don’t tell anyone!!!

Well Billy Joel has just put his beach front adjacent homes in Sagaponack on the market for a not so outrageous $35 million after a split from third wife Katie Lee Joel.

The bigger of the two homes once belonged to actor, Roy Scheider (Jaws,All that Jazz). Joel bought it for his newlywed wife in 2004 for a little under $19 Million(When I graduated high school I got a cross pen!!) Ok, I exaggerate… she had already graduated high school… 3 or 4 years before. He also bought a small cottage on adjacent property in 2007.

Since Billy is another year past making socially relevant music and his marriage of five years to Katie Lee Joel bit the dust… what’s a guy to do!!! Erase those bad memories piano man!!!

Real estate agent Biana Stepanian of Corcoran has the listing (link below) and apparently mum was supposed to be the word. When another agent in the company leaked the story to the NY Post she was given the ax! Not that everyone didn’t already know. Hmmmmm…. live who you are!!!

And if you’re looking for something to do … other than watch Joel rev his motorcycle in front of the American Hotel… do what everyone else does, go to a benefit! The Red Cross Benefit GALA – A Splash of RED on the Bay is this Saturday at B. Smith’s in Sag Harbor. It benefits the Suffolk County Chapter of the American Red Cross. Music will be by Vivian and the Merry Makers…. ohhhh that sends very merry indeed… plus a silent auction. Tickets are $250. For more info call 631.924.6700 or go to our local Suffolk red cross web site for details.

Bad Buoys.. Bad Buoys… watcha gonna do… when they come for you?!?

WELL, WE’RE ALMOST INTO AUGUST… CAN YOU BELIEVE!?!?! Polo is in full gear… the benefits are about 10 a weekend… and the heat is making some people just plain cranky. But you know what?! It doesn’t always have to be hot for some folks to be nasty. Just visit my favorite shop Bagel Buoy in Sag Harbor. It’s kind of like the soup man from Seinfeld but with.. you guessed bagels!!! Don’t ever expect a thank you or courteous response from the people who work there, especially the cashier (who I think is the owner). The bagels are actually pretty good and the salads etc. are fresh but unless you enjoy being chastised while you pay through the nose for some Philly, I suggest you stay clear. When I went there last winter, I haven’t gone back since; I had the pleasure of ordering a turkey burger for (I can’t remember exact prices but follow the story and you’ll get the idea), $4.00. When it came time to pay the cashier imagine my shock when I was told it was $11.00. How did that happen?? Well in a very terse response, the charming gal at the register told me I saw the “old price” on the menu. Hmmm. “Oh, and it’s a dollar for the slice of tomato and a dollar for the piece of lettuce.” Lovely!!!

Also, speaking of service… who get’s the money in the tip jar at AGAVE in Sag Harbor. I’m just asking… but I suspect it isn’t the staff!!! When I order my chicken tacos there… which are awesome, I give the tip directly to the person!!

Finally, I wonder what some sellers are thinking when they list their properties with a real estate agent and they end up with photos like the ones I’m about to post. Most buyers start their search on the internet. Agents use the photos off the agents website to forward to their clients . How in the world do you think you’re going to sell a house with photos like these. FYI… I hire a photographer for 90% of my listings.

YEAH, I’ll rent this as long as I get the shelves!

Well at least you know it’s a good place to Barbeque.






Do you think this is where they shot the movie version of The Secret Garden!!!?

It’s late… but the blog must go on!!!

Ok, i’m blogging really really late. it”s 10:26pm on a Monday night and I’m typing about what’s going on in the Hamptons. I was running around like a lunatic all weekend working with some renters hoping to cash in on some last minute deals and buyers who are finding out, it’s really a good time to buy! Housing is on sale and so is money!

While the weather wasn’t exactly great… It was still a typical Hamptons weekend. Traffic was backed up from East to Southampton and there was a half hour wait at the Citarella’s parking lot.

So what else… Heterick Martin’s School’s Out benefit was a hit on Saturday.. Annie’s grand opening in Southampton was packed…. The new Saturday Soiree at the Lodge had a good turnout in spite of the weather and competing with “School’s Out” … I’m sure it will be packed next week.
Billy Joel held an exhibition of his motorcycles in Sag Harbor and unless he’s giving me one for free, I really could care less. Even if he does give me one for free.. I’m still not sure I care.
One piece of good news… the site of the former remediation project and “Gas Globe” in Sag harbor is now the site of additional village parking. Whoo Hooo. Sorry, I’m off to bed but i’ve done my duty.
Finally, I hate award shows but last night’s Tony Awards were actually entertaining. I was shocked and I have a whole new appreciation of Doogie Howser, Neil Patrick Harris. My one final comment is how did something as utterly awful as “BILLY ELLIOTT” win best musical?? My sixth grade musical version of “Heaven Can Wait” was better. Sad… sad… sad… kind of like today’s blog.



Stuff to do this Friday… I’m too frantic to be humorous!

So what to do this weekend???? One great event is on Saturday… The Hetrick Martin Institute, home to the Harvey Milk school in NYC is hosting it’s “Schools Out” party. It will be held at the beautiful home of Peter Wilson and Scott Sanders – 189 Further Lane, East Hampton.. It’s starts at 6pm and goes til 8:30pm. You can buy tickets at the door with cash, credit card or check… from a valid bank account of course!!! If you want more details on the organization or the event, I encourage you to visit the web site: http://www.hmi.org/Events.aspx
Also.. if you’re really bored my new favorite video in the world is on YOUTUBE.COM. It’s a literal lyrical version of singer Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” While I love the song the video is one Velveeta short of Pat Benatar’s “Love is a Battlefield” but it does come close! To quote one line “the gayest man on earth would find this over the top!” It also has a great line about “Spinning Ninjas.” Don’t ask… watch

Finally, a little real estate news. Rentals for the season are up by about 40% or more. While the prices are not what they used to be… renters are coming out to take advantage of the Hampton’s Blue Light Specials. But do me one favor folks.. please don’t offer $.40 cents on the dollar. Things haven’t gone that low. You might want to try Mastic instead.