So my Monday Morning Market Report is on Wednesday Friday this week.   Get over it.

You have to be kidding Bill?

I’m’ not running the train or the Jitney here.   Well, not that being on time matters for the Hampton Jitney.   The reason is we finally had a decent weekend where we didn’t have 3 feet of snow or freezing rain.   I was busy. Once again I’ve spoken to my cadre of experienced brokers (about 10 in all from various companies and office) and they’ve given this weekend a “B-” rating.    While it still hasn’t reached “the kind of traffic we should have this time of year”, things are definitely picking up.  Rental inventory continues to remain good but there is a pent up demand according to many – potential tenants have been making inquiries but haven’t taken the trek out here to seal the deal.   Look for that to change in the next few weeks.   A few attorneys have also remarked to me, that they are now feeling the effects of the arctic blast from a few weeks ago and things are quiet.   Meanwhile, Bill Evans on channel 7 WABC says we are in for another blast of winter this weekend, so pull that parka back out of the closet…  you’re going to need it this weekend. Agents and brokers, get ready for all of the cancellations!

Please keep the chicken pot pie on the menu and bring back the guacamole!

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for Beach Passes thanks to people buying them online.  Make sure you do so soon.  Sources told me they’re selling like hot cakes and they’re already 2/3 of the way to being sold out!   It might not seem like it’s beach time yet but believe me it will be here before that next wrinkle on my your forehead!  Click here if you want to get yours now!

Finally, some quick restaurant updates!  There is a new tenant getting set to move into the former Georgica Restaurant in Wainscott.   Rumor around town is it’s going to be Italian and it’s a restaurant already here in the Hamptons….. Hmmmmmm.   Anyone know? There’s been a ton of cars in the parking lot lately and seems there may be some renovations taking place.

Also, Highway Diner is doing some major renovations and will be reopening sometime in the next 3 weeks.   I’m not sure if the menu will be changing but the interior is undergoing a few changes to make it a little more “homey.”


How cold is it out there?  Well if you’re like me you’ve been glued to local news for “Snowpocalypse 15, The Blizzard of 15 and the This Winter Sucks 15” special coverage.   Yes, if all of those negative numbers on the screen are giving you flashbacks to your Calculus 101 class, you’re not alone.     While the media contuinues scaring the bejeezus out of everyone there is the reality of icy roads and un-shoveled walkways.   With that in mind, it’s no surprise that action on the East End was very quiet this past President’s Day Weekend.   In fact, even a Valentine’s Day over the weekend wasn’t enough to keep restaurant and business owners happy.   The real estate market was much the same this past weekend. A fair amount of action but it would have been better if it didn’t snow!   In spite of article after article about how “all the good Hamptons summer rentals are gone,”  renters and buyers still weren’t willing to put on their boots and trek through waist high drifts to see properties.     I also noticed a slight dip in web traffic this past week maybe due to nobody thinking “beach” when frost bite is imminent.   Maybe everyone was busy with Valentine’s Day or going to see “Fifty Shades of Grey.”     Either way, my cadre of brokers and agents gave this past weekend a solid “C.”  Here’s hoping for a big thaw and warmer temperatures soon.

Doppio…. Last spring


Meanwhile, rumors of the death of Doppio in Sag Harbor have been greatly exaggerated. I for one thought it was pretty much D.O.A. by the end of last summer.   But, according to very reliable sources, the Italian eatery which got off to a promising start last summer is coming back for a second season!     The windows which are currently covered with paper will be peeled back and service will continue for the handful of dedicated customers.   So where did Doppio go wrong last year and how can they make it this season?   The biggest complaint I heard was not about the food but rather the service was terrible.  I guess in my encounters, I always thought there is better food in town with better service… so why bother.    Here’s hoping they pull it together for next year.

Yep… the snow may be deep but you better start thinking about getting your beach permits before you’re stuck going to Asbury Park.   Below are the links you’ll need for enjoying fun in the sun this coming summer!

Beach Permit Links!

East Hampton Village Beach Permits

East Hampton Town Beaches

Southampton Town Beaches

Southampton Village Beach Permits


Doesn’t this scream romance? Murph’s

Happy Valentines Day Weekend everyone!    It’s that time of year when every newspaper and blogger in the Hamptons has ideas about romantic getaways and where to go.   But where do you go when you want to break up? Forget the romance ambiance of 1770 House or East Hampton Grill, take your date to one of these notable locations and you’ll be sure to be single by Monday!

Murphs, Sag Harbor – It’s not that the place isn’t good.   But there is absolutely nothing romantic about this place.  It’s loud, it’s packed and the idea of having a quiet conversation with any sort of privacy is out of the question.    The only way anyone gets romantic there is if the beer goggles are so tight you become oxygen deprived!
Village Hardware, East Hampton – Here’s the way this one goes down.    You buy two tickets to see “Fifty Shades of Grey” at the matinee or 4:00 pm show.   You then promise a nice early romantic dinner after the movie.   After suffering through aforementioned movie, you remark how “hot” you got during the Hardware Store Scene.   You stroll over to Village Hardware so you can buy “a few things.”   When you get to the store, head right to the staple guns!  If your date hasn’t already disappeared then maybe you should.   RUN!
The front door is only a few more feet!

Harlow, Sag Harbor –  Who doesn’t love a nice romantic location!?    Yes, they’re closed for the season…. but if you order this weekend maybe you’ll get your entree by Memorial Day Weekend.   If you want to actually try to have food, stop by the IGA first for two sandwiches and a small bag of Sun Chips.   It’s all about the view right… frost bite or not!

Now for the other part of the weekend that has everyone in a tizzy.   The projected 6” of snow we’re supposed to get this Saturday night into Sunday.  This comes hot on the tail of a  reported “frenzy” for seasonal rentals.   As I said on Monday, so many drives and walkways are covered with hard packed ice, many sellers and homeowners are blocking showings to protect against a potential lawsuit.   Yes some good homes were rented already last fall or by the renters with good snow boots but inventory is still good.     So, don’t believe the hype… sip your hot chocolate, relax and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day Weekend!    Hopefully you won’t be going to Village Hardware or Murph’s!



One of the first questions I get asked every week is “how busy was the weekend?”   Here in the Hamptons, the real estate market (IMHO) really sees most of it’s action Thursdays – Sundays.   It makes sense since we are a secondary home market that most buyers come on the weekends to take a look.   That being said, I’m going to try on Monday mornings to quarterback the weekends activity!   I mean we all get those market reports but in a world where everyone wants instantaneous information this is my attempt to satisfy that need.    From now on every Monday I’ll be posting my “MONDAY MORNING MARKET REPORT.”

The results of this little “report” are not very scientific but I’m trying to make it as accurate as possible.   It is compiled from a cross section of about a dozen broker and agents from different companies and all have more than 5 years in the business and have at least a hand full of listings and are actually earning a living.    It’s a “Hamptons Chatter” exclusive and hopefully more accurate than a Brian Williams special report broadcast but not quite as detailed as PBS’ Newshour.

The weekend of February 6th-8th has traditionally (this time of year) been a slow to moderately busy weekend for Hamptons real estate and this year was pretty much on par with last.    While Internet traffic has been steadily increasing with a a big bump back on MLK weekend, the cold and icy weather put a damper on actual showings and appointments.   Homes with un-plowed drives and walks covered with snow made it difficult for buyers, renters, sellers and agents.     Some agents have also mentioned homeowners concerns with liability issues over icy and dangerous walkways.

Rental traffic has also been effected by the bad weather.   While there is still ample rental inventory, homeowners are choosing to hold out for whole season rentals before breaking down to monthly terms due to the slow traffic.    We can also expect to have more rentals to be added to the market as agents continue to update from 2014.

The above factors have impacted overall activity and influenced it’s grading as a “C” weekend.  This is on a grading system of “A” being extremely busy and an “F” being dead as a door nail.   Look for a jump next weekend as the President’s Day Holiday has traditionally been a busy time for everyone on the East End.

Meanwhile, since so many Hamptonites have been hunkered down and snowed in more times than not these past few days,  I have a suggestion that will make that time in front of the fire and flat screen a little more bearable.   Why not grab a box of wine?   Yes, a box of wine.    But before you roll your eyes, I’m here to tell you these aren’t your “cheese cubes and Ritz crackers” boxes of wines.   With some of the biggest and best vineyards in Europe and California already boxing their potable spirits, it was only a matter of time before Long Island vineyards joined the trend.  If you don’t believe me, check out this article from Edible East End … it’s worth the read!

So remember, stay warm be careful on the icy roads and remember to top that box to get the last drop!  Cheers!