The summer rental season is officially in high gear EARLY this year.   Normally, it’s pretty sluggish around here till Presidents Day weekend but in 2013 we got a very early start, like JANUARY 1st!!    I’m not sure what it is this year that has everyone so gung-ho but it’s not just me, all of my friends in the business are saying this is the busiest January they’ve seen in a long time!   I’m not sure if it’s the  economy, the growing popularity of the Hamptons or even the fact so many at the Jersey Shore have been affected by damage from Hurricane Sandy and the Tsunami Snookie!?   It’s any ones guest really.  Get it Guest!?   Lame.  Sorry.

So if you’re a landlord thinking of renting, here are a couple of hints to help you get that lease signed a little quicker (In no particular order).  And yes, you may think these points are common sense but I’ve seen a few properties where these simple points could have been really helpful!!!

1) If your house has ash trays of cigarette butts all over the place, empty them and buy a vacuum cleaner.    It’s amazing but people don’t find the smell of stale tobacco as enticing as they once did.   Unless you’re renting to a member of the Rat Pack, most people in fact will find this a turn off.

2) And speaking of Rat Packs.  If you have a rodent problem, hide the poison or at least resolve the problem BEFORE you want to rent your property.     I know everyone loves a cute pet and a few people even liked the movie “Willard” but honestly,  most rats or even mice give people the heebie jeebies!

3) When a broker comes to your house, please don’t tell their potential renters about how horrible the Hamptons are in the summer.   Also,  its not a good idea to elaborate how you hate your neighbors because their kids are in the backyard pool screaming all hours of the day the entire season.     We as real estate agents work for you the landlord but when you talk about all the negatives of your own house, it’s not a good thing for us to contradict you.

That being said, for those who don’t want to rent a house and just want a quiet weekend out east,  there is a new option.  The 380 Inn, formerly the Enclave Inn which is located on Montauk highway in Wainscott.   As of now, there is no website so local folk will be left guessing changes have been made to this Hamptons staple.

I spoke with the receptionist on the phone and she let me in on a little secret.  The owners of the 380 Inn had actually been managing the Enclave Inn for the past five years and they finally just decided to buy. I know people who have stayed there in the past and enjoyed it, so I’m hoping we’ll have more of the same.

According to the old Enclave Inn’s website the Hamptons are “considered by many, the Malibu of the East.”    Ok, Malibu of the east… minus the tans and the waves but I’m I’ll go with it.   There are plenty who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle out here, similar to Malibu.    I just wonder if the bicyclist are as vulnerable on the west coast as they are on 27!!?