One of the Biggest Health Threats to Hamptons Dogs… and a New Threat to My Waistline… SIENNA East Hampton!

In my book there are a few sayings or truth’s that I believe to actually be true.   A few of the ones I believe are:  1: Let sleeping dogs lie especially if they’re a Jack Russell/Beagle mix (my dog Russell).  2:  In real estate, every home owner thinks their house is “unique and special.”  (Yes, I know the cherub grotto in the foyer was custom made!) 3: Never go to a restaurant on an opening night.   Well now, I can say I’m reexamining things now that rule number 3 has actually been proven wrong for a second time.  The first time was when the East Hampton Grill opened a few years ago.  They hit the ground running and are still going strong.  The more recent was last Saturday when friends of mine took me to the opening night of Sienna.    Located at the site of the former Lilly Pond/Phillipe’s.  The new restaurant is run by the folks behind the successful “T Bar” on Manhattan’s upper east side.

Sienna… a great first night.. and it can only get better!

Well it’s apparent these guys know what they’re doing.  Some of the reviews in Zagat’s have said about T Bar that the food is “delicious,” with a “pleasant and gracious crew.”  Well it’s pretty much the same thing here in the Hamptons at Sienna.  My table mates pretty much gave thumbs up to every dish including the shrimp cocktail, the Caesar salad (creamy but not too heavy), chopped salad, a perfectly done tuna (rare but not still swimming and delicious) and steak.    Not only that, the service was on the ball, while not perfect it was a solid B+ and better than most restaurants that have been open in the Hamptons for years.   It was the first night and the food came out on time, hot and with a smile!  It was the first night!!!  So you know me, I’m not like other publications that say nice things about everyone because they’re hoping they advertise (Blue Parrot is good!?!? Really???? Rugosa??!  Enough said).   Although if they want to advertise  I’ll do another good review.  I can be bought and cheaply.    Anyway, take my advice and go check out Sienna at 44 Three Mile Harbor Rd, East Hampton  631-604-6060.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Meantime, what is one of the biggest problems for dogs on the east end?   The answer may surprise you.   Recently I sat down with Dr. Barry Browning from Sag Harbor Veterinary Clinic (yes, I had to spell check veterinary because when I was a tv producer I got into trouble with veteran’s groups once… enough said) and he filled me in.

An Ode to Spring and some Food Fodder for the East End!

Well some good news for those who love a good steak or a great juicy burger.  Sag Harbor’s venerable favorite Cromer’s Meat Market is setting up shop in the Hamptons Market on Race Lane.   In case you’re not aware, they also provide meats to more than a dozen restaurants on the East End.  So you know they’re pretty good.   Signs in the market indicate it will be opening today (March 21st).     If you remember, there hasn’t been a butcher there since before the market suffered from a fire and forced renovation about a year ago.   A nice ode to spring unless of course you’re a cow!

Meanwhile, sometimes a name change is just a name change   The former Agave in Bridgehampton… which is not to be confused with the old Agave in Sag Harbor or the current Agave in Westhampton… has changed its name to Mercado.  According to their website, this is due to the constant confusion with the other said restaurants.  Now, I know and I have heard the criticism that this place is the worst thing to happen to Mexican food since The Blue Parrot but I disagree.   The food is actually pretty good.   I’ve gone in a few times and tried the fajitas, burritos, chips, guacamole, salads, margaritas and more.  All were pretty standard and actually better than any other Mexican restaurant (other than LaFondita) in the Hamptons.   The only thing that drove me to drink after my dinner was the fact the service was the equivalent of being water boarded.    But hey it’s the most edible Mexican menu with eat in service in town.    I have a few friends who actually like La Superica in Sag Harbor, but I’ll to reserve judgment for now and try again when they open for the season. If you’re a person who loves new places and things, you’ve more than likely visited Trip Advisor.  You know the place where every day folks let you know what they think of this hotel or that restaurant.   For example, if you want a good chuckle read the reviews on Blue Parrot.    Well I recently logged onto the site and I noticed something a little odd.  The “East End Eating Disorder Center” is apparently seeking reviews on the site. While, I’m not so sure if this is a good idea, I can assure you there will be no middle ground.  My guess is most of the reviews are either the portions are too large or in fact too small.  Now, I’m not making fun of eating disorders but you have to admit, this is weird.  Besides if people are eating too much it’s just as easy to take them to Blue Parrot.

Speaking of weird, do you remember that WALK OF SHAME kit that Svedka Vodka produced a few summers ago?  Well with out going into detail, you can click here.  I’m sure the folks at this summer rental had these kits in abundance.    And you thought your summer renters were bad!

UPDATE: It looks like the Cromer’s move is a few days off.   Look for the opening this weekend.

Something to chew on for Sag Harbor and East Hampton Rugby is in overtime


Hi everyone, it feels good to be back.    I took a few months off (as I often do from this blog) and I promise I’ll be more consistent this time (I promised that before too).  So much has been going on but if I seem a bit blurry eyed, it’s mostly due to my puppy Bella.  Yes, I have a new dog since the passing of Boo.  But I have to say, that while she does look a lot like her older sister, she’s her own girl.  She’s full of spunk and quite the terror on my other dog poor Russell.  In fact, when we asked Russell what we should name her, he suggested Bu-jo (think Boo with Cujo).   So, if I’m a bit rambling here it’s because of my need for sleep.   I’ve been doing too many 2 am bathroom breaks.  Here she is!  Yeah, it’s actually easier when they’re cute!


A new tenant!

Well you might have already heard but the “Paradise Cafe” in Sag Harbor shuttered it’s doors a few months ago.   Apparently, negotiations to renew the lease went nowhere.    Luckily,  you can still enjoy Chef and owner Robert Durkin’s cuisine at “Robert’s”in Water Mill.   Well last night I ran into restaurateur Michael Gluckman who told me he’s going into the space that was Paradise right in the heart of Sag Harbor.    While I’m disappointed to see Paradise go, I’m happy to know  there will be something good going in it’s place.   Michael has always had solid restaurants that were reasonably priced with a great menu and good food.   I found his “Lodge” to be one East Hampton’s best watering holes with a diverse and satisfying menu, he tells me he’s hoping to do something similar here.

In the meantime, I’m hoping Paradise returns to Sag Harbor soon, I miss the Bolognese pasta, the best I’ve ever had and the Roast Chicken with Rosemary was sublime… wait I can’t say sublime, that sounds pretentious… It was AWESOME.   Better.   Anyway, maybe Paradise can go into the spot that was Phao in Sag Harbor,  because apparently twice wasn’t the charm and according to sources, they’re going the way of the 8-track tape.
Soon to be a collectors item!
OK, enough talking about food.  I’m getting hungry and I have to work out first.   If I don’t I won’t be able to fit into my Ralph Lauren Rugby shirts, which will soon be collectors items.    Yep, it’s true the Rugby brand will soon be no more.   I’m not sure why because the store in downtown Manhattan and the one in East Hampton were always packed.  But fear not lovers of the Earl of East Hampton (Ralph Lauren-he virtually owns EH  retail) my poorly placed sources have hinted that it will soon be a RL Home store.   I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
Finally, I hope I made up for a long, long, long absence from the blogosphere.   If I haven’t here’s one last bit of good advice, at STAPLES they’re selling cases of Pelligrino water for $4 a case!  Yes, $4 a case.  It’s an amazing deal.

A fancy term for “garage sale” and Southampton landlords beware!!!

Google went to something called CHROME and my blog looked like garbage for over a month.  It was hard to read and I didn’t have any enthusiasm for posting on something that looked like Coogi sweater.    So much has and is happening on the Hamptons so I’ll try to get on top of it asap.

A new fancy term for getting rid of junk?
First issue I think we need to tackle in the Hamptons is what do we call it when you’re unloading junk in front of your house?! We all see those signs all over the place advertising “estate sale” or “garage sale.”    Well in East Hampton they have something entirely new and unconventional and it’s apparently called a “YERD SALE.”    I guess that’s a fancy Hamptons way of announcing a “yard sale.”

Meanwhile, in Southampton town landlords beware!!  A few years ago they decided to require that landlord get a permit to rent their home.  Local Law No. 40 went into effect in the areas of the Town of Southampton back in 2008.    Well now some homeowners are being challenged in court by their tenants for partial or full rent refunds for various complaints from the pool heater doesn’t get hot enough to the back yard had too much shade.   But guess what, the tenants are winning because the landlord didn’t get a permit.  So if you’re thinking about renting your house this summer in Southampton, make sure to get a permit and don’t say we didn’t warn you!     And if you think I’m kidding about tenants complaining about things like shade guess again, it’s a true one!
The former Turtle Crossing


Finally, if you’re depressed about the demise of Turtle Crossing in East Hampton take heart.   There’s a a new BBQ place coming to town.   A big thank you to my friend at East Hampton Patch for the details. I was a big fan of the old Turtle Crossing before they got fancy.   My expectations for this new establishment will be high especially since it’s being opened by the former executive chef and BBQ expert of the “Crossing”  Arthur Wolf and his wife Michelle.