Who has the best pizza in the Hamptons????

Ok, everyone. I know which I prefer but this is your chance to vote! For the next 30 days I’ll be tabulating votes on who has the best pizza in the Hamptons. Look to the right at the little widget and you can cast your vote. If I missed any shops, let me know I’ll add them to the list. Remember, you have to have a gmail or google account to vote. Sorry, I don’t know how to do it any other way. I mean, this is important information for anyone new or visiting the Hamptons. Do your part!!

I’m telling you there’s less than 100 Beach permits left for East Hampton Village!!! Plus some links to help you get your feet wet and sandy!

It looks nice this picture… doesn’t it??! Well if you don’t hurry, forget it!! If you weren’t already aware, full-season resident and non-resident permits are available now! Non-resident permits are limited in number and are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. And as of today, there are only about 60 permits left (according to the woman at Village Hall I spoke with)>

Permits are available in person at Village Hall from 9-4pm! It’s too late to do this by mail in my opinion. Both residents and non-residents must provide; a copy of a valid vehicle registration , drivers license, street address and owner of the property as listed on their tax bill as well as proof of residency
Non-residents must also provide a check or money order in the amount of $325 per vehicle, payable to “Village of East Hampton” . Here is the link if you need more information:


Meanwhile, for Southampton village, East Hampton town and Southampton town; permits are not limited so you can rest a little easier. But here are the links you may need for information on all of this!


Beach permits for EH Town cost is about $350.00 for non-residents $25 for resident, yeah, it used to be free.

Now for Southampton information:


SH Village is free for village residents, $200 for town residents and $350 for non residents.


SH Town $30 for residents and $225 for non residents.

Most beaches have day passes available, check out the websites to find out which beaches have that option.

Now, finally every year I get a new bunch of folks who are coming out to rent in the Hamptons for the first time. So, here it is. Some of the stuff you need to read before you go to the Hamptons. When you rent a house, most payments are half at the signing of the lease and the rest a week or so BEFORE you move in. Don’t worry about the commission, the landlord pays that. So, in turn don’t forget your agent is working for the landlord.

As for the expenses, the following are all usually paid for by the tenant unless you have a really generous landlord. Phone, cable TV, electric, gas, lawn care, pool maintenance, maid service/cleaning, trash pick up (or you can go to the dump)and cleaning supplies. This is a general rule of thumb. Are there some landlords who will pay for all this? Sure, the same landlords who leave mints on your pillow are the same ones who pay for all of this. If you don’t want to deal with all of this, there are some great B+B’s out east… just google! I’m glad to be back!!

Sayonara, Saks and Citarella (Water Mill)! There’s some major shake ups in the Hamptons retail world!!

Well here’s a move that kind of had me blindsided. Saks Fifth Avenue will shutter their Southampton store as of this Sunday! So, what does this mean to you and me… not much but if you think you’re going to go head over and get some Jimmy Choo’s for a song guess again. Is anything on sale then? Well not according to my sources. The gossip around town has everyone going into the spot from J. Crew to Ralph Lauren to Saunders real estate. So far nothing confirmed but for the ladies of the Hamptons, Riverhead will soon be the place to be! HA!

Now as for the other retail news which is less of a shocker, Citarella will close their Water Mill store as of this Sunday. So far, the employees don’t know if they’ll be kept and moved to other locations. They’re all waiting to hear! Meanwhile, an informed source tells me there will still be produce in the Ghost Town Shopping Mall …. a new concept organic grocery is set to move into the location soon after it’s vacated. No, it’s not a Fresh Foods or anything like that. It’s an original and a new concept. I’ll have more details soon!

Meanwhile, a little broker gossip; what Shelter Island agent is so reviled…. this person’s nick name is Count Chocula! Apparently because of an uncanny resemblence to a sugar coated breakfast icon! Pluck the eyebrows!