An Ode to Spring and some Food Fodder for the East End!

Well some good news for those who love a good steak or a great juicy burger.  Sag Harbor’s venerable favorite Cromer’s Meat Market is setting up shop in the Hamptons Market on Race Lane.   In case you’re not aware, they also provide meats to more than a dozen restaurants on the East End.  So you know they’re pretty good.   Signs in the market indicate it will be opening today (March 21st).     If you remember, there hasn’t been a butcher there since before the market suffered from a fire and forced renovation about a year ago.   A nice ode to spring unless of course you’re a cow!

Meanwhile, sometimes a name change is just a name change   The former Agave in Bridgehampton… which is not to be confused with the old Agave in Sag Harbor or the current Agave in Westhampton… has changed its name to Mercado.  According to their website, this is due to the constant confusion with the other said restaurants.  Now, I know and I have heard the criticism that this place is the worst thing to happen to Mexican food since The Blue Parrot but I disagree.   The food is actually pretty good.   I’ve gone in a few times and tried the fajitas, burritos, chips, guacamole, salads, margaritas and more.  All were pretty standard and actually better than any other Mexican restaurant (other than LaFondita) in the Hamptons.   The only thing that drove me to drink after my dinner was the fact the service was the equivalent of being water boarded.    But hey it’s the most edible Mexican menu with eat in service in town.    I have a few friends who actually like La Superica in Sag Harbor, but I’ll to reserve judgment for now and try again when they open for the season. If you’re a person who loves new places and things, you’ve more than likely visited Trip Advisor.  You know the place where every day folks let you know what they think of this hotel or that restaurant.   For example, if you want a good chuckle read the reviews on Blue Parrot.    Well I recently logged onto the site and I noticed something a little odd.  The “East End Eating Disorder Center” is apparently seeking reviews on the site. While, I’m not so sure if this is a good idea, I can assure you there will be no middle ground.  My guess is most of the reviews are either the portions are too large or in fact too small.  Now, I’m not making fun of eating disorders but you have to admit, this is weird.  Besides if people are eating too much it’s just as easy to take them to Blue Parrot.

Speaking of weird, do you remember that WALK OF SHAME kit that Svedka Vodka produced a few summers ago?  Well with out going into detail, you can click here.  I’m sure the folks at this summer rental had these kits in abundance.    And you thought your summer renters were bad!

UPDATE: It looks like the Cromer’s move is a few days off.   Look for the opening this weekend.

The perfect gift for promiscuous pals on the East End and there’s more to Canada than Celine Dion!

If you’ve ever been to Ricky’s in the city or in East Hampton, you know it’s full of shampoo, moisturizers and various other sundries. Well, I was in there buying my favorite hair wax (DeFi – you don’t think my look just happens do you?) the other day when I stumbled upon one of Ricky’s more unusual items; the SVEDKA VODKA WALK OF SHAME KIT!! For $25 bucks the kit includes, deodorant, flip flops, folding sunglasses and dry shampoo among other items to mask incriminating behavior. I personally love this idea but it’s not as much fun as seeing cocktail dresses, wrinkled suits and high heels at 7am.

Apropos of nothing, I’ve had tons of house guests this past week and I don’t even want to begin counting the numbers. But I need to look stylish when new guests come to town. My Canadian guests, Alan and Eva are arriving from Toronto tomorrow. Damn, what will I wear!? Well low and behold, If you’ve been in the village of East Hampton lately you may have noticed lots of bags that say “JOE FRESH.” No, Trader Joe’s hasn’t arrived on the east end (wishful thinking) but rather a chic affordable Canadian apparel company. Now,

I’m sure Fresh Joe won’t like this but I kind of think of them as a Canadian H&M. Located at the site of last years Tumi store on Main St., the company’s web site describes their designs as “stylish, fresh and affordable apparel and accessories for all seasons…. featuring more than 400 items, from chic footwear to the latest in outdoor fashions.” Upon reading their information, I think they may have started their stores in conjunction with grocery stores. Either way, it’s a Wednesday afternoon and the store is jumping. See, there is more to Canada then Celine Dion.