Come on Baby Light My Fire!!! Warm Ideas for a Very Cold Day!

With Valentine’s day right around the corner and the 12″ of snow on the ground I know a lot of you are thinking about a nice romantic evening with a glass of wine….. or 6…. in front of a roaring fire!    So are there any good spots for that romantic dinner before dipping into the champagne glass tub (you know what I’m talking about) without heading to the Poconos?    Yes, there are my friends and I’m here to tell you more!

First up… The American Hotel, Sag Harbor. –    The Hotel has a big huge hearth and a style from an era gone by…. and I’m not talking about the clientele.   Big fluffy chairs a warm wooden bar and some nice dark lightening that would make Joan Rivers look like Kate Upton…. or at least Florence Henderson.   It’s the perfect date night location with a solid menu, great service and dim flickering lights that are going to make you look good!

Hey baby, am I making you hot?  At  EH GRILL.

1770 House, East Hampton.   –  I  love this place but I’m particularly fond of eating in the basement.  Its far less formal than the main dining room and they have the rustic brick walls, gas fireplace and some of the best meat loaf I’ve ever had!     Be sure to make a reservation if you want to eat downstairs, it’s now more popular than ever before.     A nice relaxing place to spend your Valentines Day.

East Hampton Grill, East Hampton. –  Where did you think the EH Grill would be, Quogue!?   A great
bar scene, great food, a huge fireplace and some of the fastest service on the East End.  So, why is fast service so important?   Well if you’re looking to get lucky that night, who has time for a 5 hour dinner!?!?

Robert’s, Water Mill.   –  If one of you is from Southampton and the other is from East Hampton, this is the perfect place.   My favorite dish there is the “penne bolognese”… but I can’t eat that anymore. Summer is around the corner…. oh hell i’ll order it anyway.   Featuring a great menu, great service, a really extensive wine list and a toasty gas fireplace, Robert’s is a great place for a little smooching.

There are two more I want to mention but I’m running out of space.  Red Bar in Southampton is another great location for a romantic evening, featuring it’s great open space and plenty of candle light.   Also, Race Lane in East Hampton…. Big sofas in front of a fireplace… enough said.

Finally for those desiring something a little off the beaten Hamptons path, may I suggest going to Riverhead.   No, I won’t suggest going to the only waterfront McDonald’s with boat slips in the country (trivia fact.. check it out) but rather one of the most innovative and different restaurants I’ve experienced in a long time.   THE RIVERHEAD PROJECT or RHP is located at 300 E. Main St., Riverhead and in addition to the chic decor, diverse menue and great service there are some out of the box events like “The Wine Project” … with a sommolier supervised wine pairing dinner and “The Movie Project”… which is…. well you get it.  Go to their website for more information.   It’s fun stuff!  Recently, I had the chance to talk with owner Dennis McDermott (formerly of The Frisky Oyster in Greenport ) and chef Lia Fallon about what makes RHP so unique.


The Evil that is Pumpkin Town….the Benefits of Solar Power…. and This “Cidiot” Wants His Money Back!!!!!

It’s that time of year again… the crowds are gone, the water is warm and the parents of young ones are being tortured into stopping by Pumpkin Town on Rt. 27!    Yes, the venerable Water Mill attraction is back for another season of traffic jams, expensive cider and even more expensive pumpkins.   Now, I’ve got to be honest I’ve never gone to Pumpkin Town.   All of the information I’m conveying is second hand, so I don’t know if the rumors of that big new red barn are true.   I’ve heard many theories about the red barn ranging from they’re selling Halloween masks that are electronically turning children  into zombies… a la Halloween 3: Season of the Witch… to an overpriced food court.   I’m guessing both are pretty strong possibilities!     So there is my warning to the unsuspecting parent.   Luckily for everyone, it’s only for another 30 days.

Meanwhile, it seems more and more home owners are weighing the option of adding solar power to help fill their power needs.    Recently I gathered some “solar experts” to discuss the benefits, costs and benefits of upgrading a home with this green technology.    It’s just a basic overview but it’s full of tidbits that I think make a great introduction to solar power.


Finally… I’m getting tired of these “Cidiots Go Home” postings.    I find it offensive!!!   My main complaint is the penmanship  is horrible!  You would think that all of the tax money these “cidiots” pay that the local schools would teach their students how to write!  Hello, haven’t they heard of the Palmer Method?  Now since, I more or less consider myself a cidiot, I want my tax money back!

Hub Bub over Shrubs… and Forget the Scientologists There’s a New Cult in Town!

The scene of the crime!!!

Well, we’re all feeling it… tensions are at a boiling point in the Hamptons.    Yes, it costs some folks a lot of money to live here and they just want have some fun.     But apparently some cheap kill joy is ruining the fun for one homeowner in the Hamptons!   What are they doing?!  Well I think the photo here says it all.   Landscaping here isn’t cheap and this proves it.   Personally if I were the home owner, I would just plant some poison ivy around all of my valuable plantings.  Now, if anyone wants to write the police blotter for this crime, I’m taking suggestions!

Cult or fitness movement!?

Speaking of tensions the cult that is known as Scientology  er, I mean Soul Cycle is continuing its plans to dominate the universe.  Their latest conquest is now in the Water Mill shopping center.  Yes, the home of Citarella, Water Mill Cupcakes, Avanti Market, Blockbuster Video and Muse Restaurant will now be the newest location for Soul Cycle.     Apparently someone read my blog and has decided to open an outlet with ample parking.    I do have one bit of advice for anyone opening a business in that shopping center;  burn some sage and higher a witch doctor, that place is cursed!   By the way, I really do miss Water Mill Cupcakes!