$140,00,000 and there is NO neighborhood block party?!

In the unlikely case your cocktail conversations have been focusing on such trivial matters such as terrorism, global warming or even Donald Trump.. instead of Hamptons real estate,  you might not have heard the  interesting news.   Entrepreneur Chris Whittle has put his East Hampton home on the market for a bargain price of $140 Million dollars.   While I’m not sure if the house comes furnished at that price or if he’s leaving the toaster oven, there are some who’d rather write a check with a few less zeros for their Hamptons home by the water.    So if you love the smell of salt air in the morning, where do you go without spending a fortune?   Luckily, Hamptons Chatter is here to guide you with a proverbial divining rod for some homes near water that won’t break the bank.  Because I’d rather spend my extra $140 million dollars on something more sensible like an I-tunes gift card, I’ve explored other options with slightly less intimidating price tags.

Amagansett Dunes – It’s like the nicest parts of the Jersey Shore and it’s not in New Jersey.  Causual summer living (think flip flops and t-shirts 24/7) and a quick stroll, skip or even levitation to beautiful ocean beaches is the real draw here.  While the lots can be small and not everyone has a pool, this is all about the beach.  Look to spend about 1.1 to 1.5 million for a comfortable home in the area.

Amagansett Dunes: H34948

Waterside Communities (Pine Neck, Whalebone Landing, Southampton Shores, Northampton Colony) –  Located about 10 minutes outside of Sag Harbor village off of Noyac Rd., these areas are all about community.    Community bay beaches, community docks and community club houses are a few of the features that attract buyers to this area.   The sunsets on Noyac bay are also spectacular and the icing on the cake.  Yet, for some folks the neighborly feel might seem a bit intrusive or suburban.   Look to spend about $1.0 million to get into the neighborhood and as much as $10,000,000 for one of the current waterfront listings.

Shinnecock Hills – Spectacular views and the fact it’s nestled between the villages of Southampton and Hampton Bays is only part of the big draw in this community.    One of the biggest draws for the growing popularity of this area is the time saving factor during those crazy weekends when Route 27 looks like a parking lot.     Considering you can get a waterfront with view for around $2.5… that’s a savings of $137,500,000 if you were thinking about that “other” waterfront.

A few more areas you might find worth visiting are the Redwood section of Sag Harbor, close to the village and with views and great water for the boater.    There is also Lions Head and Clearwater Beach areas of East Hampton.   Community beaches, views of the sound and some deep water docking are the big draw for this area located outside the village of East Hampton.    It also has several of the best waterfront dining spots in all of the Hamptons including Bay Kitchen and Harbor Bistro right in the hood.    Yes, I know there are other areas that are certainly worth mentioning but these few are the ones that I think are a good bang for the buck.   I’m only one guy without an editor and this ain’t my full time gig, so don’t get your panties in a bunch folks.   If you want another neighborhood mentioned in a blog, feel free to go write it!  I mean that in the nicest way possible! Sort of.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t matter if you’re buying a big ticket house or a little cottage, if you want to get financing from a bank… you better have good credit.  So how do you know if you have good credit?   Luckily credit expert Andrea Kent took some time out of her day to give Hamptons Chatter a quick tutorial on understanding your credit.

If you would like to contact Andrea for more information or about credit repair… you can e mail her at

UPDATE:  Sorry last weeks finalist for the $500 holiday gift certificate goes to the staff at Baron’s Cove who submitted their holiday tree for the Hamptons Chatter holiday contest.  If you want to enter the contest, send your photos to  Finalist will be anoounced each week with the grand price being announced on December 1st.    And no, you can’t send me a picture of someone else’s tree!

The tree at Baron’s Cove – Sag Harbor!



A few reasons why you won’t be getting top dollar for your house!

So, the news seems to keep improving for the housing market.  In fact the premier report of the Hamptons market from Miller Samuel and Douglas Elliman (yeah, I’m a little biased but I’m pretty sure Douglas Elliman is the only firm that hires an outside appraiser Jonathan Miller to compile their report ) showed growth for the east end with all indicators pointing to this momentum continuing into 2013.   In fact, it appears to be the best market in about 5 or 6 years.     But even with all of this are you sure you’re still getting top dollar when selling your property?   Well there are a couple of mistakes I see sellers make over and over again and they can be affecting your bottom line.    Hopefully you’ll find my two cents worth more than a couple bucks.


A whole site dedicated to bad pics.  courtesy:

1) Lousy photos – remember the old days where real estate agents would have you primp and prime for that public open house.  Well, those open houses are important too but odds are this won’t be the first time the potential buyers will be seeing your house.   Most buyers begin their search on the web and when the photos stink, they’re not even going to take the time to see your house in person.     If your broker or agent isn’t spending the money to have a professional shoot your house, they’re not the agent for you.   It’s amazing to me how some properties even in  the 3, 4, 5 or higher range have photos their agent took with their own digital camera.    If you don’t believe me, go take a look on HREO.COM, some of those photos are just plain bad!

2) Cruddy Curb Appeal – We all know that updated kitchens and bathrooms will do a lot to help sell a house but if front of the house is a mess, odds are potential buyers won’t even take the time to cross the front door.   So, if the paints chipping off the front door , you can easily see the foundation and the ’69 GTO still on cinder blocks in the drive way you may want to reconsider putting your house on the market.

3) Buckets of Clutter – I know you know this and your listing broker probably does too.  So, why not listen to them and get rid of all the extra furniture, nick knacks and the piles of pictures.    If you’re having a hard time separating yourself from some of your beloved possessions try renting a storage space or one of those “PODS,”  and have it take away.

I don’t do previews and I’ll get to you when I do!!!







4) The Rock Star Broker – They’re #1 they have 99 listings and they have bigger fish to fry than your “shack”.    Now, don’t get me wrong and it’s not sour grapes, there are some really great top brokers out here.  They have teams and assistants that juggle all of the balls with team work and could cook a souffle at the same time.  The sad truth though is  they’re not as common as you think.   In fact, I hear it over and over again from other agents across the board, “they refused to let me preview” or “they never return my calls.”   Hmmm, even the greenest of agents sometimes hits a home run and sells that zillion dollar property.    It’s simple math, the more people that get easy access to your house the better offer.  If your broker uses the words “I” and “me” too often, that should be your first tip off.

5) Pathetic Pricing – time but they’re not  Don’t make it about you… when you’re pricing your home it’s about the facts and the stats!!!  How much will a qualified buyer be willing to pay for your house.   Buyers don’t care about home much you paid for it or how much money you’ll need to pocket at the end of transaction.  They also don’t care about the custom gilded tub or the fung shui designed rose garden odds are those improvements were done for you and mean little to the potential buyers.  I admit it’s not a science and brokers don’t ever really know at what price a home will sell.  But they should have a good idea based on recent comparable sales and what’s currently on the market.  Remember, sellers typically get the best prices for their property early in the game.  So, price it right from the start and avoid aggravation and frustration.   As I’ve said before,  If you’re friend thinks it’s such a steal at that price, why don’t they buy it??!

Finally, the folks over at Designing the Hamptons have identified the location of this years designer showcase house!!  So, where is it… you have to click on their link to find out.  It’s their scoop and more importantly, I’m so over this designer show houses.    You know it’s been done to death when they start doing these in Hackensack N.J. and they HAVE!!   I’d rather see someone build and decorate a house with stuff on a budget… say … from Sears…or Home Goods now that I’d pay to see…. MOVE THAT BUS!!!

Just reduced by $200,000 Water Mill Estate!!!


A true waterfront paradise. This exclusive gated estate sits on almost one full acre of land next to a 1.4 acre waterfront wildflower preserve on Mill Pond. Thoreau would envy the quietude-only two other homes are next to the preserve. This gracious, gabled, traditional home is 7,900 square feet with 6 BR’s and 6 1/2 baths with radiant heated floors. Wide-plank Brazilian cherry flooring, Professional Gourmet Kitchen with custom cabinetry, 60″ Wolf range/dual-ovens/French cook top, 2 Wolf wall ovens, 2 Sub-Zero refigerators, 2 Bosch dishwahsers, 2 farm sinks, granite counter-tops and Formal Dining Room have all been done with superior finshes. There are also 4 Wood-burning Fireplaces, Family Room, 1st Floor BR, Master Bedroom Large mahogany deck facing water & pool Bose audio system. The home also features the latest home Security system, and extensive lightning rod system. A multi zoned HVAC with room-by-room controls and a central vacuum system and laundries on 1st and 2nd floor make for great comfort and convenience. The elevator cab is richly paneled in cherry and is just one of the many elegant touches inside this amazing home. Now asking $5,395,000

For complete listing information and video tour… cut and paste this link. All disclaimers are posted on the link.

Why I hate all of those TV segments and articles on Valentines Day! Also, the Flu sucks!!!

I’m sorry guys but I have the flu today. UGH! I thought taking vitamin C would prevent it from hitting me!!! But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! So look for Monday’s blog. My topic; Great places to go on Valentine’s day when you’re single or want to break up!! I’m so sick of hearing about rose petals and chocolate!