It’s snowing again!  So I guess that’s why my brain is now frozen. Yes, I’m falling into my “Arctic Funk.”  But I’m trying desperately to find a way to work my way through it.  I’m remaining positive and focusing on the good stuff.

I want to dress like a food wrapper!

work through it.   In fact, I’m not even going to mention my strained back or the exorbitant bills from the driveway plowing or the fact I have half-fast inter net… thank you very much Cablevision!   Today, I’m  going on a stream of conscious blogging adventure.  It’s cathartic for me…. kind of like Katy Perry dressing like a bag of Wonder Bread or Cheetos and dancing with a shark.   I would have preferred if she had gone dancing with the Jets to be honest!   So, today if you’re looking for some sort of thematic thread from Hamptons Chatter (the most inconsistent blog in the Hamptons) forget it!   Go read somewhere else!

Wainscott Wine and Spirits… Facebook Photo

It’s Winesday/Wednesday according to Kathie Lee and Hoda!  So what better way to celebrate the hallowed hump day festivities then getting your buzz on!    Starting February 25th, Chimene Visser Macnaughton will be hosting a series of wine tasting events at  Wainscott Wine and Spirits.   Some of the topics to be discussed  will be “You say Spumanti, I say Frizzanti” and “Tresors of the Loire Valley.”   Classes start at 5:30p in the store located located at 354 Montauk Highway, Wainscott… in the shopping center right next to the Seafood Shop.   Call the store a 631-537-5800 to register or e mail them at WAINSCOTTMAIN@gmail.com.   The cost is $10 and that’s a bargain for some good wine and mingling with your Hamptons neighbors!  Hopefully I’ll see you there and as the old Liza Minellli song goes, “life is a Cabernet!”

Finally some food news… the restaurant formerly known as “Nichols” has a new tenant.   A sign has now appeared that it’s going to be known as “Winston’s.”    While I don’t have a name of who exactly is opening the place, it’s apparently going to be a Lobster and Steak house.   After all the restaurants that bit the dust in the past 12 months (maybe I should write them all obituaries?), it’s good to finally hear someone is here to help fill the void!

Meanwhile is anyone else depressed that the former Peconic Coast…. JL East…. Beach House…. Hamptons Polo Club space is becoming a garden center?!    Cue the Barry Manilow song.