I feel it!  Spring has finally arrived on the east end.   How do I know?  Because Round Swamp Farm has reopened.  YES!   Now, I no longer have to drive by longing and

round swamp
Elastic waistbands optional… ROUND SWAMP FARM!

slobbering in vain for my Mexican Layer Dip,  Sour Cream Coffee Cake or Brussels Sprout Caesar Salad or cinnamon rolls or guacamole or Lisa’s Oatmeal Raisin cookies or Claire’s Lemon Pound Cake or BBQ chicken or … no, I must stop.  Lucky for us they don’t publish the calorie counts on anything they make!

Another sign of spring is the Roses are in bloom!   By the way,  I’m not talking about the flowers I’m talking about Wolffer’s Summer in a Bottle.     After a shortage last year when supplies went dry at the end of July, production has been upped and everyone will be able to enjoy their Rose for breakfast throughout the summer!    The colorful


bottle which is a work of art itself hasn’t changed since last year but it is a new vintage.  In case you’ve been out of the loop, Summer in a Bottle retails for about $25 and is available at Wolffer Estate Vineyard or virtually every spirit shop in the Hamptons.        Remember, life may be a cabernet but rose is better!



Jobs, Land Preservation and A Local Business That’s Got A Good Buzz!!!

By now you’ve probably seen those signs posted all over the Hamptons touting the various vineyards on the east end.     Wineries like, Bedell, Wolffer and Channing Daughters have all made their mark and established Long Island as a solid manufacturer of wines.   Well in Baiting Hollow one man is throwing his hat into the ring.    But he’s not using east end grapes and he’s not making wine…

By the way, the vodka is really that good.   I know Sag Harbor Liquors carries LIV Vodka and others around town as well.   So, go check it out and let me know what you think!

For more information, check out their website!     Now, if only they would deliver!