The hole truth on Bridgehampton Dunkin’??? Plus, why the Hamptons will enjoy a few more laughs this summer!

If you’ve been by the Bridgehampton commons say any time in the past year you probably saw the sight that the old Sneakerology (a great store now in East Hampton next to London jewelers) would soon become a Dunkin’ Donuts.  Well I’m tired of having to buy Keurig Donut Shop Coffee instead of the real thing!   Yes I love Dunkin’s coffee!  And YES, there’s one in Southampton but have you ever tried to get in and out of that parking lot!!?!?  Also, what is easier and cheaper to serve for desert at a dinner party than Munchkins!?  Oh, don’t be such a snob, you know you’ll happily pay a small fortune for the same stupid Munchkins at David Burke Kitchen downtown.  Anyway, if finally looks like that long faded sign wasn’t lying.  Southampton Town recently issued a building permit to convert the space to a real live Dunkin Donuts.  So attention all short fat men with dark mustaches, get your applications ready it’s time to make the donuts!In other stuff…. Bay Street Theatre in Sag Harbor has announced their schedule for the upcoming 2013 season.  Last year there was some talk that the theatre might be moving to a new location.   Well, I can tell you that Executive Director Tracy Mitchell has assured me they’re staying put for at least a few years.  Whew!   Not only that, they have some great upcoming events and more! So if you’re interested in what’s going on… See it below!

3 thoughts on “The hole truth on Bridgehampton Dunkin’??? Plus, why the Hamptons will enjoy a few more laughs this summer!”

  1. Funny-I just saw that sign the other day ! Tho I'm more of a Starbucks gal myself. Can you find out what the deal is with Starbucks potentially moving in to space on Main Street in Southampton?
    I do love me some chocolate munchkins 🙂

  2. Patrick, you areso funnyand informative.Willone be able to stay away from those donuts? Keep servingyour community with the excellent videos!

  3. Great interview! Makes me want to come back to Sag Harbor this summer and enjoy some of these great shows at Bay Street.

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