The Hottest Hamptons Housewarming Gift…. plus a quick Summer 2014 Rental Guide… AND LINKS TO GET YOUR BEACH PASSES !

The best house warming in the Hamptons!

One thing new comers will discover when they come here is the cell phone service out here is the pits.    I’ve had both AT&T and Verizon and I don’t care what their ads say, both their coverage out here stinks!    From Noyac Rd. to Scuttle Hole Rd to Sagaponack South to the Northwest Woods, getting even one bar from any service is wishful thinking!   Hello, can you hear me now????  NO!    Although this particular condition is particularly handy when listening to boring conversations from friends discussing their latest posting on face book.  “I’m sorry, the signal out here is terrible.”

This is the reason that one of the hottest house warming gifts on the east end, from this agent at least (and a few other smart agents)  is a “micro cell tower.” I live in East Hampton outside the village and I was long been frustrated by getting 10 voice messages every time I left my house.   But no more! I fixed that by getting the AT&T 3G MircoCell.   Now in my house I get about 5 bars, where before I got zippo!   The cost was about $150 from AT&T or you can do a quick search on E-bay where you can get them for as little as $99.    I’ve given several away to friends and customers and it was a hit and for a few a life saver (well not literally maybe more of a social life saver).   I’ve heard stories about the providers sending the towers for free if you bitch badly enough, but I hate groveling and I’d rather just pay the money and move on!   If you need more details, call your provider and ask them, “can you hear me now?”

This coming weekend for many real estate agents on the east end marks the beginning of the traditional summer rental season.   While summer rentals can start as early as the prior year, most Hampton visitors tend to look east beginning President’s Day Weekend.    Well before you trek out here, let me remind everyone that renting out east is a bit different from renting an extended hotel room.      For 3 months a year at least, you pretty much own a house.    Also, unless you’re ready to shell out a big hunk of change, odds are you’ll be driving your car to the beach rather than walking.     So before you pile everyone into that Plymouth Duster you better make sure you have a parking permit sticker!     Last year, I posted a quick video on the “Ask Elliman” site, to give a good overall introduction to spending their summer at the beach.   I’m posting it again to remind everyone… that along with the links for east town’s permit website.   So you can get the ball rolling for Summer ’14 in the comfort of your own home.


East Hampton Village Beach Permits
East Hampton Town Beaches
Southampton Town Beaches
Southampton Village Beach Permits


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