What’s with the attitutde!!!???

The Hamptons are getting some bad press lately and personally I find this shocking!!! One would have thought with the lousy weather and that in turn causing a lousy turnout on top of everything else in the world.. one would think we would have a season with better food, better service and a better attitude in Hampton’s restaurants. Well guess what!? You were wrong.

Gawker has made it a sport for attacking Hamptons attitude and the first target they assassinated was “Georgica!” Watch the video!!
Then there’s the “Blue Parrot” owned by the trio of Perlman, Zellweggerrere (whatever) and Bon Jovi. Yes, they’re finally open but I haven’t had a chance to go yet. I heard the food is pretty good but the portions are tiny. But have no fear, the margaritas are here… and from what I hear they’re strong. The only odd thing I find about all of this is… THEY HAVE A BOUNCER! How come they didn’t have bouncers at the Chi-Chi’s I used to frequent in college! Well it wasn’t in the Hamptons for one! I promise I’ll go in the next few days to the “Parrot” and let you know if it’s everything I hear. If they let me in! ONE LAST THOUGHT… Why is HBO playing “FRED CLAUS” in the middle of June?!?

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