OH What would little Edie do!!!?

Little Edie in patriotic Prada?! A savvy shopper of TJ Maxx Bridgehampton!
Well if you read the New York Times Sunday Styles this past weekend, you are now in the loop for what will be sweeping the East End the Summer of ’09; that cheap is the new chic but only if you have money! Hmmmmmmm. I think it’s the perfect trend for the Hamptons. OUT are Louis Vuitton bags and IN are Louis Vuitton Shopping Bags…. that’s the subtle way of saying “see we can afford it… but we’re saving money!”
Ok, folks… that’s not the real way to do it. If you want to do the Hamptons on the cheap… I KNOW HOW!!! Here are a few of my tips:
FOOD: THE LODGE on Toilsome Rd. East Hampton, go on Friday nights… owner Michael Gluckman and his crew have some of the best free appetizers I’ve had in a long time!!! Much better than the free “nachos” (chips and genric cheese wiz no doubt made somewhere in Eastern Europe) they used to serve at Hoolihan’s I frequented in college! NO COMMENTS…HELLO WE WERE BROKE AND IT WAS CONSIDERED A NIGHT OUT! Buffalo chicken wings, hamburger sliders, mini pizzas and they’re good and they’re FREE!! Tell the bartender Rory, “Hamptons Chatter” sent you….. not that I think it will do anything!
FASHION: Hit TJ Maxx in Bridgehampton on Wednesday afternoons. That’s when the new shipments come in. Yes, you can find Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Hugo Boss and according to legend Prada. Kelsey Grammer and his wife Camille have been spotted there…I guess FRASIER was doing his show for free. Name me another TJ Maxx where the parking lot is full with Merceedess, BMW’s and Maserati’s? Personally, I go there to buy picture frames, $30 to $40 dollars retail… at the TJM $5.00! Amazing! Also, if you go NOW… COLE HAAN in East Hampton is now 50% off !!! It’s quality leather.. as nice as Coach and a heck of a lot cheaper with the 50% off!!!
Entertainment: Hahahahahahhahahahahhhahahahha… cheap entertianment in the Hamptons! hahahahahhahahah … ok.. let me think of something other than going to Net Flix or sneaking in the side right door of the East Hampton
theatre!? Hmmmmm.. I’m thinking. I’m thinking. I’m too old for the GOAT IN A BOAT STORY READING… even if Gwyneth Paltrow has been spotted there. OK, got it.. got it!! A friend of mine just suggested the AA meetings in Montauk… free coffee, free cookies…. great stories and I mean GREAT stories… of sex, drugs, booze and occasionally celebrities (I won’t mention any) PLUS.. the $1.00 donation is option.

The Summer is Starting and The Hamptons finally has good Chinese food!!!

Phillipe Chow, Stratis Mortogen and Hampton’s publisher Debra Halpert (photo: Rossa Cole)

Hampton’s Magazine held their annual pre-season kick-off party last Thursday night and everybody was there…including yours truly! Hampton’s Publisher Debra Halpert and Jason Binn who always know how to throw a good party, hosted this year’s event at the former Tsunami…. former Resort… former Kobe Beach Club…. now and probably getting it right …. the new PHILLIPE’S, as in Phillipe Chow of MISTER CHOW’S fame!! We can now do scenes from “Hurlyburly” in the Hamptons!!!
It should be interesting in how the jet-setters will be flocking to Three Mile Harbor in East Hampton. I used to live on that lovely little trek and there was no jetting on that street ever.. unless you count the occasionally lost private jet searching for the airport and instead rattling my little trailer with shingles! OK, I’m exaggerating a little.

Anyway, the new PHILLIPE’S will offer, charter helicopter service to the restaurant, a late night kitchen open to1 am normally and 2am on Friday and Saturday. That means the Hess station will no longer be the only late night grub in the Hamptons… SAY GOODBYE TO MICROWAVED BURRITOS with an unleaded chaser!!

So how was the food the other night at the party? Pretty awesome actually and such a welcome to the Hamptons after WEI FUN’S …way disgusting stuff. The beef satay’s were spicy and amazing… the spring rolls were crisp and light….. and the martini’s… well.. they made everything better! So take a shot, try it out but I suggest after this week calling ahead for reservations. Phillipe’s is located at 44 Three Mile Harbor Rd. at Oakview Highway, East Hampton… right past Della Famina and bare left. 631-907-0250 By the way thanks to Natalie L an Lisa B. Xo