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Ah, the Hamptons – a place of sun, sea and sand in your toes. That is – as long as you can get one of those coveted beach parking passes. East Hampton Village recently announced that nonresident village beach parking passes will be raised from $500 to $750 next year and it didn’t take long for locals to start talking – er, bitching! Let’s break down the details.

During the last two years, beach parking passes have sold out faster and faster each year – going from 11 days in 2021 to a mere nine hours this year! That’s right – if you weren’t up at 3am with your credit card in hand, you were out of luck. Needless to say, this has caused some frustration among locals as they are not able to access their favorite spot on the beach.

But don’t worry – there is hope! The village has a one-day sale of permits coming up on Friday, Jan 27th at Village Hall at the old price of $500. This means that all residents have another chance to secure their beloved spot on the sand before summertime hits (and hopefully avoid a season full of beach envy). Plus you’ll save $250. Just think, you can take advantage of the savings and split a pasta dish and two glasses of wine at San Ambrose… sorry “Sant Ambreos.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t just good news for everyone. With this price increase comes a realization that not every local family will be able to afford these new prices for their favorite village beaches. This means that some families may have to resort to other options like public transportation or biking.

So there we have it – So set your alarms early and get ready for Jan 27th!

Cacophony Daniels…. in Sagaponack.

Meanwhile, If winter seems like a real drag, why not shake things up on December 17, 2022 at the Old Stove Pub in Sagaponack? The gay and lesbian group GLAM will be throwing their annual holiday cocktail party from 5p-7:30p. The highlight of the evening will be a performance by drag performer Cacophony Daniels aka Courter Simmon which will promises to sleigh the crowd. With musical experience backing performances from venues such as Provincetown and even Broadway’s Jersey Boys, let Cacophony take you away at this winteringly amazing winter event. Not to mention that there will also be drink specials and complimentary appetizers available – perfect for those looking for an unforgettable evening out! Don’t miss your chance to celebrate – tickets can be purchased through the link here. So grab your winter coat and get ready for an event that should be snow good.


  1. I am as happy as a clam with my lovely Town Beach pass. What spend extra when you have some terrific beaches, both ocean and bay? Donate the $500 to The Springs Food Pantry.

  2. Oh, those Town Beach Snobs. Atlantic and Indian Wells aren’t good enough for them! Louse Point, Napeague and Michael’s Beach aren’t in the running. As far as the Old Stove Pub, I was hoping that Ronda Santis would perform, maybe next year.


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