Laurie Hall’s “TO THE POINT” acrylic on canvass

Put away that “Elvis on Velvet” the Hamptons art scene has returned in a big way this summer. The good news: Exciting work is on view every weekend in pretty much every town. The less-good news: You’d be hard pressed to see everything and still have time for other East End endeavors, you know like sitting on 27. Lucky for you, I’ve found some highlights that are about as local as it gets out here. But don’t expect any dogs playing poker.

Group Show

Kirsten Benfield’s- ” ICE” – watercolor on paper

First, check out Ashawagh Hall in Springs this Friday, July 16 to see a group exhibition curated by my friend Mark Perry. This is Mark’s second curatorial outing, and he’s put together an excellent group of artists, including Roy Nicholson, Denise Gale, John Haubrich, Gus Yero, George Singer, Laurie Hall, Scott Bluedorn and Kirsten Benfield.

Mark explained that he used Ashawagh Hall’s “L” shape and separate small room to give each artist decent representation in the space. This is why he kept the number to eight, including himself, and chose people based solely on instinct that their stuff would show well together. “Many of the artists coincidentally are inspired by nature even the abstract work has a natural palette so they do work easily together,” he told me, also noting that all artists are mature to mid-career, with the exception of Scott Bluedorn, who happens to be one of the area’s most promising young artists with a lot of shows already under his belt. You might recognize his drawings from the Greenport Harbor Brewing Company’s beer bottles!

Scott Bluedorn – ‘SUNDAY ON SAND’ – watercolor on paper

The opening reception is Saturday from 5–8 p.m. and regular hours are from 10 a.m.–7 p.m. from Friday to Tuesday, June 20.

Guild Hall’s Clothesline Art Sale

Next Saturday, July 24, Guild Hall is holding their 75th annual Clothesline Art Sale. One of the most fun and hotly-anticipated art events of the Hamptons summer, this longstanding tradition offers collectors a chance to acquire some fantastic work by more than 300 artists of all levels—including some real heavy hitters—for rock-bottom prices, from $75–$5,000.

Throughout the event’s history, legendary artists such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Lee Krasner, Alfonso Ossorio and many others have placed work up for sale. And, best of all, 50% of proceeds go to support Guild Hall and their important work bringing arts and culture to the region (2021 is the institution’s 90th year!). Go early to get the best stuff. Believe me, there will be plenty of people in line well before the doors open at 9 a.m. (sale closes at 4 p.m.).

Visit for all the details.

Well, now that you get the picture about art on the east end, It’s an incredibly thrilling time to be an art lover and/or collector on the South Fork! Here are a few more links you may find useful

The Parish Art Museum

Long House Reserve

Hamptons Art Hub

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